Previously, On The Wrock Snob

Okay, so I’ve used this title already, so what?  Basically, I got an idea for a fun little article that either does count for my goal of three a week, or doesn’t, depending on how many more articles I get done this week.  Basically, I’m going to make a TL;DR (or, “Too Long; Didn’t Read”) for each and every article I have made thus far on the Wrock Snob.  Because I can.

Welcome To The Wrock Snob!

Welcome to the Wrock Snob!

REVIEW: Onward and Upward

It’s shit.  There were two good songs, but otherwise, it was shit, and much worse than what I know the MoM boys can produce.

Extended Thoughts: Women in Wrock, Part 1 – In Defense Of Men

It might all be because of a random confluence of space-time events, swamp gas, and social circles in Massachusetts.  Also, I prove my own theory wrong.  Also also, I like drawing pictures.

The Point-Of-View Lists

There are vastly more songs sung by a female but written from a male POV, than vice-versa.

Previously, On The Wrock Snob

I like LOST too much to write.

REVIEW: Demons at the Helm

It’s damn good, but it isn’t wizard rock, or even meta-wrock.

Extended Thoughts: Let’s Talk About ME!

So whatcha whatcha whatcha want?

The Top 10 Cruelly Defunct Wrock Bands

Some of my favorite wizard rock bands stopped making music way too early, and this makes me sad.

REVIEW: Songs from Beedle the Bard

It’s really, really, good, but a few flaws keep it from perfection.  Still, it’s damn good.

Extended Thoughts: MySpace

Without MySpace, there would be no wizard rock like we know it today, but today, it really, really sucks, and there is no immediately obvious solution that does not involve corralling seven different social networking sites.  Also, breasts covered in bacon.

My 25 Most Listened To Wizard Rock Songs

I am constantly surprised by what I listen to.

It’s List Week!

In which I explain my reasons for list week, which never actually happens.

REVIEW: “and the Half-Blood Pizza”

There are a couple fantastic songs, and parts of most of the songs are great, but it still doesn’t warrant a purchase.

The Top 12 Wizard Rock EPs


Extended Thoughts: My Grading System

I’m switching to the O.W.L.s system.

REVIEW: Hermione and the House Elves

Rudimentary and often boring instrumental and lyrical work, but the most jaw-droppingly beautiful voice to enter wizard rock in a very long time.

Wizard Rock Conventions – Pros and Cons

Like Johanna Mason, I’m just here for the snark.

Extended Thoughts: Meta-Wrock

Okay, so maybe it is meta-wrock after all.

Top Ten Worst Things About Wrockstock

You know how when something really cool starts to end, and some people react by pretending they never liked it in the first place, and make them and everyone around them miserable?  I do that before the damn thing’s even started.

Infinitus 2010

Send me your Infinitus stories! (Note: The article is coming soon!)

Extended Thoughts-ish: Three Years. Damn.

Where has all the wiz-rock gone? Long time paaaaaasing…



Help Out Danny, of Hogwarts, A History!


REVIEW: Wizard Rock Made Me Crap My Pants!


Seriously though, buy this album.  It’s hilarious and awesome.  It’s hilariously awesome.  And awesomely hilarious. AT THE SAME TIME.

The Top Ten Wizard Rock Bands Who Are Similar To Mega Man Bosses


REVIEW: Evil Is Sexy

I don’t know metal, but I know what I like.  And I like this.  Mostly.

Whatever The Hell This Is, Part 1

My first attempt to listen to every wizard rock band, ever.

The 11th Worst Thing About Wrockstock

Actually not an incitement for more drama, but just a joke that occurred to me.

The Top 10 Harry Potter References In Nerdcore

Nerdcore is winsauce on happytoast, and you should listen to it.


It’s good, very promising coming from a new band, but is less of an album, and more of a sampler.  Also, FUCKING AUDIO CHANNELS, HOW DO THEY WORK?

Previously, On The Wrock Snob


See ya next time, which will either be Wednesday, or Friday.  Or possibly Thursday.  Probably not Tuesday.


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