The Wizzies

Yo. Have you heard about the Wizzies?  Yes?  Good, go vote.  No?  Then take the jump… Hell, even if you have, take the jump anyway.  C’mon, pleeeeaase?

So, for those unaware, the Wizzies are a Wizard Rock People’s Choice Awards, you could say, except it’s not the ‘Pedia’s WRPCAs, because 1) The ‘pedia is rather dead and muggley to boot these days, and 2) WRPCA always sounded like a type of pokemon (“wurpka, wurpka!”).

It’s your basic “Vote for your faves of the year in wrock!” deal, not too much to say about the actual concept.  Originally, this article was going to be longer and more article-like, but I really need to get this up NOW so I’m able to get the other articles about the Wizzies out in time.  So, some brief pros, cons, and mehs, of this year’s wizard rock awards dealie-o.


  • The fact that it’s actually happening: I’d given up all hope for the WRPCA’s, and then, from the darkness sprang the Wizzies, like some wizard rock Batman.  Well, like some wizard rock Batman who isn’t me, of course.  I mean, what are you, retarded?
  • The logo: The font may be busy as hell, with letters within letters, but I sorta like it that way, fits the exuberance of wrock, and I applaud their use of pink and light reds.
  • The fact that winners must “accept” their awards: Very, very cool. Increases band participation, and if someone’s too cool for school, it goes to the next band.  While that does degrade the “people’s choice” aspect of it somewhat, on the other hand, this ain’t the WRPCAs, so…
  • Having a category for Best Tour: Cool idea, never thought of that as an award or anything, real clever idea.
  • The Hall Of Fame: I like the “seven inducted a year” method much better than the WRPCA’s once-a-year Lifetime Achievement award.  This means we don’t need to wait for five years to burn through the Potters, the Lupins, the Willows, the MoM boys, the Malfoys, et cetera, before we get to some surprises, some other people that deserve the spotlight.  Not saying at all that those bands don’t, but they don’t really need any extra confirmation of how beloved they are by the wrock-community, least of all in a poll for THE WROCK COMMUNITY.
  • Making an award “show”: I really, really like how they’re going to try and do a whole livestream dealie, with performances and bands reading the names of winners and stuff like that, making it more like a really really low-budget Grammy’s.  Yes, they tried that with the WRPCAs at… I believe Leaky ’09?  Maybe?  And it was aight, but this is less of “There is an actual event that some people are at and you are watching this on your computer from your basement in Ohio”, and more of a “This a pastiche of clips from people from all over the world put together to give the illusion of an actual event.  Also, you are still in Ohio.  I am sorry.”
  • Anything else I don’t mention in the following two categories


  • SHENANAGINS WITH THE NOMINATIONS IN THE POLLS: Simply put, the official list of nominations does not match the polls.  Now, at first, it looked like this could be explained away – they shortened certain categories down to one per band, presumably (hopefully) choosing the most-nominated from each band to represent the band in that category.  But that explain away everything, because some bands that were nominated didn’t get into the polls at all!  A friend told me that they were told (a great, solid source, I know) that it was because the people behind the Wizzies couldn’t fit all the nominations into a poll – PollDaddy said “Nuh-uh!” And at first that makes sense but then even THAT doesn’t explain everything away, because even a category like Best Male Vocals that has comparatively very few entries is missing some nominations in the poll that were on the official list!  I chalk this one up not to favoritism, but just plain fucking up/forgetting, but would it be too hard to just have both lists side by side and check them off?  Or get someone else to do that for you?  Or like how Tonks and the Aurors is listed twice in one poll – no big deal, they’ll prolly just pool the votes for both into one, but it’s just sloppy.
  • Only 3 nominees make it to the final round: That’s just too little, and for two reasons: One, it limits choice, which is weird because up until the last round, the Wizzies have been very choice-friendly (“Nominate anyone! Everyone [sorta] makes it into the first round! Pare them down from there!), and it vastly increases the likelihood of only really big bands making it into the final round, and thus, winning.  But secondly, and possibly more importantly, limiting those that make it into the final round really sucks for little bands, not because it means they won’t win (big, popular bands are popular for a reason, after all, and this is a people’s choice thing), but because for many bands, getting “truly nominated”, or making it to the final round, or whatever, is enough.  Of course all bands would like to win something, but getting to say that you were a WRPCA or Wizzy-nominated band is good enough – movies do it too (didn’t win that Oscar? You can still slap “Academy-Nominated!” on the cover)!  Just getting to the final round can be really meaningful and uplifting and encouraging to smaller bands who probably won’t win when push comes to shove, but still has popular support.  But with only three slots, I foresee the following situation happening a lot: Three really popular bands get into the final round, while a less famous band got a comparatively close fourth place, but they will never know.  Just knowing you got close is often enough, and can be a great feeling for smaller or younger bands.  This was my big problem the year the WRPCAs went directly from blind nominations to winners, with no intermediary round of voting amongst a select few – we only knew about those who got in first, and not at all about the second or third or fourth most popular bands or songs or whatever.  Point is, while most of my problems with the Wizzies are things to fix next year, this can still be fixed, and I strongly reccomend, no, I plead with the Wizziegamots (c wut i did thare?) to change the number of nominees that make it into the final round to five or six.  It’ll be better for everyone, trust me.  Besides, PollDaddy counts it all for you, so it’s not even a logistical problem!
  • The MONTH between voting in the final round and the winners being announced: That’s just ridiculous, especially with how rushed this all feels – only one week each for both of the voting rounds, not increasing the nominations time when people started to actually hear about this thing, et cetera.  I don’t even really understand why – I mean, I get July 31st, Harry’s birthday all that, har har har, very cute, and also, the livestream will take some time to put together, but really, a month?  A month of time?  Unless they’re planning some big dance number with pandas on rocket skates, I can’t see it taking that long, especially since the Wizziegamots (I’m using that now) are getting other bands and stuff to do the brunt work, such as it is – reading off the names of the winners, etc.  I say – why not make it be July 15th, the day of the release of the final Harry Potter movie?  That’s a big, HUGE event, and it’ll give the wrock fandom that will be gathered at LeakyCon something to talk about and discuss.  Plus it would be something cool for everyone not at LeakyCon to get on to LiveStream and hang out and be together, and probably discuss the movie while inevitably waiting for Livestream to stop being shitty.
  • The inability to vote for more than one nominee on some polls:  While not all polls should have up to three slots available like the big “tentpole” polls (tentpolls?) of Best Album, Best Song, et cetera, I think they should all have at least two, or at the very least, do it in a way that makes sense.  I mean, Best Female Vocals has (I believe, just eyeballin’ it) the most possible entries out of all the polls, and you can only choose one! That’s more than a little ridiculous.  Being able to choose more than one not only makes it easier for voters desperately trying to choose between all the great wrock released last year, it also increases the likelihood of smaller bands getting into the final round, due to the “Well, this song/band/whatever is clearly the best, so I’ll vote for that, but there’s this not quite as good but still awesome really small band that deserve some attention, so I’ll cast my extra vote their way!” effect.


To be honest, I forget what I was going to put here, except one thing I either came up with while writing this or actually remembered:

  • The categories: Some people have said that there weren’t enough categories, but I’m not sure.  I think keeping things lean and streamlined is a good idea for an awards’ first year of doing things – testing the waters, seeing how this works, making some mistakes, but also some fresh new ideas, et cetera.  And the WRPCAs really got silly sometimes, with categories that really didn’t need to exist, like all the “Best House Band” categories (Best Slytherclaw Band, etc.), or categories that always went to the same people, like Best Dead Band (Myrtles) or Best Magical Creature Band (Whompy, the entire Kingdom of Animalia notwithstanding).  And those categories rarely made sense at all because beyond the bands that always won, few if any bands actually made songs all about being dead, or all from the point of view of a magical creature.  Those categories ended up being more awards for band names than anything else.  On the other hand, the lack of a Best Collab category was a huge oversight, and I miss the genre categories – it helped spread some of the love around, bring exposure to other bands, shit like that.  Though I can totally see not wanting to go down that wormhole the first time around, but next year, aight?

So, to the people running Wizzies, to the Wizziegamots, I say this: PLEASE don’t take this as me slagging you guys off.  I am so, SO happy you guys are doing this, and THANK YOU so much.  Big “events” like this is what keeps the community running, and talking and discussing.  And I’m not trying to scare you off or be all “HOW DARE YOU NOT DO THIS THE WAY I WANT IT TO BE” with the Cons section – I really mean it more as advice as how to make the Wizzies even better.  But please, PLEASE can you make the number of nominees making it to the final round be more than three?  PLEASE?

Also, I heartily welcome your (“you” meaning everybody, anybody) talkback.  Love what I hate in the Wizzies? Hate what I love?  I’d love to know – let’s get a discussion going!  Oh yeah, and I’ll finish up the Magic Is Might article soon, but I have some more Wizzies articles to do, and I have to do them now, while they’re relevant, y’know? Wrock Snob out.


12 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Brett
    Jun 14, 2011 @ 00:54:57

    You can read my nearly 3 AM response here:

    If there’s still any questions, magic ’em my way


  2. Lena
    Jun 14, 2011 @ 04:03:23

    I agree wholeheartedly with every single one of your points… except for the July 15 thing. IF IT’S JULY 15, I WON’T BE ABLE TO WATCH!!!!!

    Seriously, though, two things about Leaky:
    1. July 15 is a HUGE day at Leaky (as will be every day) and I’m not sure if people will want to leave events that day to watch a Livestream… Especially since Wizard Rock starts at 8… Live wizard rock, or LiveSTREAM? No contest there.
    2. Logistical: The internet at the Royal Pacific is NOT free. In fact, it’s really quite expensive. I didn’t pay for it last year and I’m not going to again this year. So, yeah. Also, when we streamed TFB last year, the quality sucked. I’m not sure how good the internet is, at least in the convention center.

    But none of that matters anyways because they moved the ceremony date to the 10th, which I think is awesome because it’s in anticipation of the new movie! Too bad I still can’t watch!

    The other thing I would change is I would use IP tracking so you can only vote once in the poles.


    P.S. I believe this is the nicest article you’ve ever written XD
    P.P.S. It is WAY too early.


  3. Chaser
    Jun 14, 2011 @ 04:22:28

    Hey, this is totally random. But I stumbled on your sight when I was googling a wrock song, and I found one of your playlists that included the song “albus potter’s lullaby” by split seven ways. I really want to hear this song but I can’t find it anywhere! It’s like it has disappeared off the face of the interent. Do you know where I could find it? I’d also really like to hear “Give Me the Moon” by HMS Wolfstar, but I can’t find that one either.



    • Chaser
      Jun 14, 2011 @ 04:37:00

      This is embarrasing, but I searched for those two songs for over and hour and half, then I commented here, then I searched again and (of course!) immediately found both songs. So ignore my earlier query.

      And by the way, this site is awesome. I hadn’t heard of half these wrock bands before today. I’m positively in love with The Hermione Crookshanks Experience.



  4. Russ
    Jun 14, 2011 @ 04:27:51

    I forgot who said it, but it’s sort of hard to take a contest that sounds like it should be about urinals seriously.

    Also, I believe the person running the awards has their band up for a few awards. Conflict of interest, much? Now, I’m def NOT saying something strange is afoot by any means, but it has the potential to open up a can of worms.

    Those two nitpicks aside, I do agree that it’s great that someone’s taking the time and effort to recognize bands who work hard and try to give wizard rock fans something new and different and good. Some will say “it’s an honor to be nominated” some will say “ZOMG MoM should win every category because they are the only wizrock band that matters!’ some will say “awards suck and don’t mean anything” while they sulk in the dark of their bedroom. In any event, now that the bastions of wizard rock news are gone, it’s nice to see someone else stepping up to the plate. So major kudos for that.

    Now, let’s all prepare for the inevitable bitching and whining from people who most likely won’t even bother to cast votes in the first place.


  5. Brett
    Jun 14, 2011 @ 08:58:08

    First of all, the nominations were selected by everyone and I didn’t nominate myself at all. In fact, the only people I nominated myself were The Blibbering Humdingers. I doubt it will cause any fuss because I’m sure I’ll receive minimal votes at best.

    In response to Lena, I thought IP tracking was set on the polls (at least, that’s the impression I got. Supposedly, when you try to vote a second time it says “We already counted your vote”).

    I want to stress again that there isn’t a panel of Wrocksnobs nominating these things (which is why the categories were vastly different in the number of nominations). This was 100% open to the public.


  6. Brett
    Jun 14, 2011 @ 10:42:23

    Just so everyone knows, we wanted to change it to an earlier date. However, there are several wrockers who wouldn’t be able to contribute if we moved up the deadline. Furthermore, there are other things planned that needed time to unfold.

    We are still increasing nominations in final voting to 5 and we are also extending the time allowed for final voting.


  7. Randi
    Jun 14, 2011 @ 14:55:16

    I’m so glad we’re having this this year. I came into wizard rock when it was near to dying and it’s going a bit stronger than when Love Wrocks first started, but this helps a lot.
    I’m very very very happy.


  8. PK9
    Jun 27, 2011 @ 20:44:36

    I remember seeing this pop up, and then promptly forgot about it because there’s no category for best video, and I’ve been waiting since APRIL 2010 to nominate a best video.

    I saw Freya from wizrocklopedia about a week ago. She said they are working on getting the site back up, and eventually the WRPCAs will happen for 2011. =P


    • wrocksnob
      Jun 27, 2011 @ 22:22:14

      I’ve talked to Freya too about that getting back up, but she’s a touring merch girl right now so internet isn’t too stable. But I gotta wonder – is a WRPCA really necessary this year? I’m not saying THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE. But at this point… We’ll be having WRPCA awards announced sometime in the fall in all likelihood! What’s the point, then? It will be interesting, tho, to see what happens next year, when hopefully the pedia will be back during awards season. Will the Wizzies and WRPCAs merge forces? Will it be like an Oscar/BAFTA thing? I dunno. I do think lack of Best Video was a big oversight, but I don’t think that should completely stop you from voting. But I’ve been considering doing a run-down of videos of 2010, and I might sometime soon. Out of pure curiosity, what one were you gonna choose?


    • wrocksnob
      Jun 27, 2011 @ 22:25:00

      OKAY OKAY WAIT A SEC, I just reread your comment, and realized that you said 2011 and you probably meant awards next year in 2012 for this years’ music. Nevermind to everything but the curiosity i the previous comment. Woops.


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