Wizzies Predictions, Part 1

[Thank you for visiting The Wrock Snob and reading this article! I’d love for you to jump right into the reviewy goodness, but first there is some unfortunate business to take care of. It is not in my nature to tell you specifically what or what not to buy and who to support – I tell you what I thought about an album, and if my tastes seem to align with yours, you might want to heed my suggestions. However, I must take this time to personally exhort that you do not monetarily support the bands The Remus Lupins or Ministry of Magic. The full reasons are unsettling and possibly triggering, so please proceed with caution, but if you want the full details click here. Simply put, it has been revealed that certain member/s of both bands did destructive, upsetting, and highly problematic things. While I can see the value of reviewing art no matter what the artist did on a grand society-level scale, I cannot morally allow myself to condone the financial support of these monsters, nonetheless exhorting people to do so. Now it is entirely possible this copypasta’d retroactive warning was placed on a negative review, making this sidebar somewhat moot, but I still feel it necessary to make these matters clear. Again, for full details and rumination click here, otherwise, please enjoy the article.]

Alright chaps, pretty self-explanatory – I’m going to be giving my predictions for who will win this years’ wizard rock awards, this time it’s the inaugural run of The Wizzies.  While it will be a bit harder to predict this year than previous years, due to this awards “show” being far less known about than the WRPCAs.  Think of it as the BAFTAs to the ‘pedias Oscars.  If the Academy decided to stop doing anything but talking about plays instead of movies, and then completely died, and the BAFTAs replaced the Oscars.  Anyway, there is a markedly different voting demographic this year, so that should be sure to put your office’s Wizard Rock Voting Pool in quite a tizzy.  That being said, there are some categories that are still a bit obvious.  But there are also some categories in which I really have no clue who’s going to end up on top, and that gives me hope.  Also, you may have noticed the number in the title of today’s article – I will be doing a part two of predictions for the final round of voting, this article only covers the first round of voting (NOT including the nomination process, natch).  Aaaaaaaand let’s go for it!

Oh yeah, and if you’d like to follow along and look at all the nominees, and/or vote for some yourself, click here.


This is a category that’s difficult to guess, due to the very nature of the beast.  It’s also the category that requires the most meta-gaming if you will, or intricate knowledge of the fandom as of right now.  Sure, you need that to guess well at all categories, but some are more obvious and easier to get (we’ll get into that later), but when you’re dealing with new bands, bands that are in most cases unknowns, it gets trickier.  So, here are my predictions:

  • Lily and James: Not only is their debut album quite good, and moreover good in the sense that the production values are high, the voices are pretty, it’s just generally a nice thing to listen to, and not good in the same way that, say, The Giant Squidstravaganza is good/fucking awesome, but they played a few high profile-ish shows recently – one at the New York premiere of DH1, and once very recently (as of time of this writing, literally hours ago) at Incendio, the latter of which received pretty good reviews on twitter.
  • Seen and Unforeseen: Her song on Jingle Spells 4 was arguably the best song on album that was filled with awesome songs.  Also, it’s her OTHER song released in 2010 that’s being nominated for Best Song, not the one on the high profile comp album, so that probably means good things about her exposure. Bow chicka wow wow?
  • Lumos + Nox: I honestly have no idea what the third band will be in the final voting round, so after much hemming and hawing, I finally gave up and just went with the one I personally hope gets nom’d, and wins.  If you haven’t check out Lumos + Nox yet, you really, really should, especially “When You’re Snogging” (I have a tangent on that song I will indulge later).  I’d also like to say that this is one of the few categories in which my predictions match what I will actually be voting for.  Hooray?


So, the first thing I noticed when looking at the poll for this category is that it looked a lot shorter than the nominations list.  I then realized that they had pared it down to one nomination per band, presumably (hopefully) based on which nomination got the most votes.  And that seems a fair enough way to do things, and if it means that songs like “Lily”, “Fall In Love Tonight”, and “Nobody Expects The Blibbering Humdingers” outshine better songs like “The Curse”, “When The Lights Go Out”, and “Dark Lord On My Sofa”, then hey, I guess it makes it easier for me to choose which songs to vote for.  However, this doesn’t explain for why some bands that had songs that were nominated according to the list in The Wizzies site didn’t make it to the poll, like Lumos + Nox‘s fantastic “When You’re Snogging” (here’s that foreshadowed tangent).  I understand not wanting your poll to be huge and giant and swamped with entries, overwhelming the voters, but it was my understanding that anyone could nominate anything, and THEN The People would start to pare those entries down.  It’s just… odd, and disappointing.

Oh yeah, one more thing before I get to the actual predictions – I am NOT predicting the MoM song to get nom’d, and while one would think that’d be the easy money, here’s my reasons why: IT’S FUCKING “LILY”. Depending on which way you look at it, it’s either NOT a wizard rock song, or a BAD wizard rock song.  It’s easily one of the worst songs on the whole album.  If it was “The Curse”, or “Don’t Leave”, or hell, even something like “House Song” or “On The Other Side”, I would definitely put my money down, and I might even vote for it, too (especially if it was “The Curse”).  But while the fact that enough people voted for “Lily” to put it above the other songs does have me worried, I just can’t possibly accept that I live in a world where people actually think it was the best song on that album, or even a good song at all.  So I’m really more voting for my sanity than anything else.  That said, my predictions (finally!) are:

  • “Fall In Love Tonight” – The Whomping Willows: Firstly, this song gets here by mere process of elimination – the MoM song nominated sucks so much I think even fangirls will be able to see that (hopefully), and as weird as it is seeing this, there’s no TRL or HatP song, or a DatM song, or a OBatR song (acronyms ahoy! [and also alliteration?]).  So, even though more popular bands often dominate this category (and many others) for obvious reasons, this year only one top-tier band is going to make it to the final round.  Secondly, “Fall In Love Tonight” is a great song for wizard rock awards.  It’s a very, very good song (not the best on the album, but close), it’s more fun and catchy and dance-along-able than the better but more quiet and introspective “When The Lights Go Out”, Matt and Lauren’s voices sound great together, and possibly most importantly, it has One Of Those Lines – y’know, a line that’s just so cool that you feel compelled to quote it just to quote it, or make a tweet that’s entirely that line and nothing more – just a really cool and awesome line that the community loves.  I am of course talking about “If Harry can approach the Dark Lord (ooooooooooh) / I think you can defeat a girl (oooooooooh)”.  Wait, strike that, reverse it.
  • “The Prince’s Tale” – The Butterbeer Experience: Due to the phenomenon explained just previously, BBE is the third most popular band up for voting, and due to the song chosen for MoM, the second most likely band to be nominated.  Also, like the previous song, this is a very popular song with the fandom, and is almost like fandom-bait: I mean, it’s about a favorite topic – Snape, specifically that titular chapter and the revelations contained therein, it’s a fairly pretty song with a couple absolutely beautiful, albeit equally short bits, (“I’m 38 years old, and you’re BEAUTIFUL!”, and “ALWAAAAAAYS”), and, most importantly, it’s got the best voice in wizard rock, Christian of OBatR, and since it’s the only song nominated with Christian’s voice, it’s pretty much guaranteed to make it to the final round.
  • “Good to See You Wallenby” – Kwikspell: While at first it might look like I’m just filling in the third slot with a song I want to make it to the next round, I actually think this is good money right here.  Why?  This song’s got indie buzz.  It’s far and away Kwik’s best song yet written, and a tour with Whompy and the Gang and mini-set playing just this song at Wreggies didn’t hurt at all.  Also, it’s an absolutely great song, if that counts for anything (not sure it does).


As stated before, I really don’t think three is enough slots for the final round, and as such, this category is going to be rather predictable, with no room for surprises.

  • Magic Is Might – Ministry of Magic: Hopefully it won’t win, due to it not being very good, but this album will most certainly at least make it to the final round – I mean, come on – it’s Ministry of Magic. Of course it’s going to nom’d a second time!  Now, yes, there seemed to be less love for this album than O&U, but MoM are still uber-popular (in terms of wizard rock, at least, which really isn’t saying much).
  • Wizard Party Forever!!!! – The Whomping Willows: It’s Whompy, it’s not a terrible album, it’s got some new fan-faves on there like “Fall In Love Tonight”, it’s got a non-threatening blend of wizard rock, both kinds of meta-wrock, a muggle song or two that we’ll let slide, and a parody of the Muppet Babies theme song.  …..Yeeeeaaaah….  Also, it’s an album by a top-tier band in a sea of small bands. It’s going to the finals.
  • Love Will Prevail: Songs from the Final Battle – If there were more slots available, I might not even think this album would make it, thinking people would be more likely to play around with their third vote, and maybe go for GTSYW, or Got Bark? or something.  On the other hand, Lena is popular, the third most in this category, and The Final Battle did perform in front of a packed house, so this isn’t exactly an unknown entity.  The songs on the album may vary from being better than the live versions to being far weaker than the live versions, and there are some glaring technical problems, but there are also some nice, wrock-friendly bits.  So, yeah.  No big surprises expected for this category.


  • Jingle Spells 4
  • Jingle Spells 4
  • Jingle Spells 4

Seriously though, we all know it’s going to win at the end of all this, and since you stupidly can’t vote for more than one entry in this category, I wouldn’t be too surprised if no one really voted for the other ones, and Jingle Spells 4 just became automatic winner.  But let’s do this for the cereals:

  • JINGLE MOTHERFUCKIN’ SPELLS 4: JS always gets nom’d, and usually, if not always wins. Did Siriusly Smiling win that one year? I would check, if the ‘pedia wasn’t down.  Anyway, it’s a great album, possibly the best 2010 wizard rock album, period, and it’s going to win, so let’s just move on.
  • Live at the Leaky Cauldron: The OTHER comp produced by The Leaky Cauldron.  It’s the second most likely to get nominated, because, well, LeakyCon.  Lots of people went there.
  • The Giant Squidstravaganza Presents: A New Hope: A Tribute to the Giant Squidstravaganza: I don’t see anyone really voting for one of the endless parade of Slytherin Soundtrack-sponsored comps, or the second Aussie comp (the first one was better anyways), and maybe people will vote for the soundtrack to the Carpe Geekdom tour, who knows.  But I’m banking on at least a couple voting for GSS’ comp based purely on the name, it wasn’t a half-bad comp, either, at least given the subject matter (all songs were about the giant squid and how awesome he is. No, really).  So, I wouldn’t be super surprised if CG takes this slot instead, but we’ll see.


This is a very interesting category, and one that the WRPCA’s never had.  The one big problem with this is that even if you’ve never heard of wizard rock before, you could still right now catch up enough to vote in The Wizzies, if you had enough time and massive amounts of extremely disposable income, or, more pertinently, anyone could rather easily experience all the music being voted for in all other categories to make an informed decision, but that’s impossible for this category, unless you have a time-machine, or you did some major road-trippin’ last year.  As such, some people will have seen multiple tours last year, while many only saw one, if any at all.  I personally am not voting in this category, because I only saw the Whompy and Friends tour, and they’re gonna make it to the next round anyway.

  • Harry and the Potters Summer 2010 Tour: It’s Harry and the Potters. Duh.  While it wasn’t the most expansive national tour, doing mostly midwest stuff, THEY ALSO WENT TO FREAKIN’ SCANDINAVIA, so they were the only wizard rock tour Sweden has probably ever seen.  So that’s pretty cool. Also, they’re Harry and the Potters.
  • This Star Won’t Go Out: It’s Matt, Lauren, Justin. You know they drill.  The house show format is really a great idea, because the band doesn’t have to pay the venue, the venue gives them crash space, and even if only 4 people show up, it can still be a great show, due to the intimate nature of the venue.  Yeah, that aside had nothing to do with The Wizzies per se, just something I think about sometimes AND THERE’S NOTHING MUCH ELSE I CAN SAY. It’s the Whomp The House Tour. Again. You know the drill.
  • Carpe Geekdom: The third slot was a bit trickier, but CG did a really great job of promoting themselves, and was easily the most recognizable of the indie tours last year.


GEEEYAAAAH! That’s a SHIT-TON of entries! No, that’s not quite right.  More like a METRIC FUCK-TONNE of entries.  AND we can only vote for one?  Sheesh.  I dunno.  These are really just out and out guesses:

  • Lauren Fairweather: Not a wrock band, per se, and it’s sort of odd singling out one person from a more than one person band, but it’s not like the Myrtles really did anything last year, and Lauren toured and released an EP that did have some wrock songs on it, so, eh.  This category is such a crap shot with all the entries and the inability to vote for more than one – I have no idea who I’m voting for, so we’re either gonna end up with really unpredictable results, or just the three most famous people on here.
  • The Butterbeer Experience: Also, there’s no Parselthings on here. Huh.  Even I haven’t heard of some of these bands, like Weasley Sweaters, and I only know Horcrux Heroes from that one (quite good) song on the Giant Squidstravaganza’s comp, so I’m just banking on the famous peeps here.
  • Let’s Lumos!: I coulda gone with a more well-known band like Tonks and the Aurors or Riddle™, or a hail-mary like The Buttermellows or Seen and Unforeseen, but I decided to go with a moderately popular band with good buzz, and it was either this or Lily and James, and I decided to go with the one that I believe won Best New Band or something like that last year, which I would double check if THE GORRAM ‘PEDIA WASN’T DOWN.


It’s hilarious how physically small this poll is compared to the previous ones.  Also, it’s much easier to predict:

  • Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls: Hands down, the best male voice in wizard rock.  Plus, 2010 was Christian’s last real year of being a wrock band, though it’s really great to see him still be fairly involved in the community since his retirement.  So, yeah, no surprises here, but he keeps being nominated (and winning, I believe, but I can’t know for certain because THE ‘PEDIA’S SYSTEM IS DOWN) for a reason.
  • Ministry of Magic: One thing has been consistent throughout MoM’s career – those boys have good voices, and a great voice or two in there, and they are usually pretty good at mixing those voices together to achieve yummy harmonies.  Also, they’re Ministry of Magic, so of course they’re moving on to the final round.
  • The Whomping Willows: While I really want to say GSS as a joke, and I probably WILL vote for him, Matt probably takes this third spot.  There’s a possibility of an upset from the one band not mentioned yet with a better voice than Matt’s, Lily and James, but it’s not super likely.  Matt’s voice isn’t the best in the world, but it goes well with his brand of music, and Matt never tries to take it places it shouldn’t go, so the failure rate isn’t too high.  Also, it’s Whompy.  Another category likely to be dominated by top-tier bands.  I mean, yes, they are popular for a reason, but…  Also, WHY WEREN’T ALL THE NOMINATED BANDS PUT IN THE POLL?!?! Like The Blibs and Wizarding World?  Also also, why didn’t anyone nominate The Seven Potters? Hell, why didn’t *I* nominate The Seven Potters?  …Hmmmm… really don’t know for that one.


I literally have no idea what the next round will look like for this category, because it says we will vote for the top three most popular entries in each category, yet the top seven bands in this category will be inducted into the Hall of Fame (which is a cool idea, much better than the one-a-year Lifetime Achievement award in the WRPCAs), so who knows how much this list will be pared down, or if they’re just gonna decide the winners of this category based on this first round poll… I dunno.  But I do know that a lot of people’s three voting slots will be Harry and the Potters, Whomping Willows, and Ministry of Magic.


Due to the death of the EP of the Month Club, the field for this category is far narrower than in previous years.  It’s also going to be one of the principle battle grounds of famous vs. actually good.

  • Bare Bones, Vol. 2 – Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls: Besides the upcoming “Remastered Greatest Hits” or whatever album, this is Christian’s last wizard rock disk, so of course it’s going to get some love.  Too bad that 4 Houses, 4 EPs idea never went too far – it was a cool idea.
  • Is It Plugged In? – Lauren Fairweather:  While the conceit of making the more piano-y, old-skool Elvis-shaking-his-hips rock n’ roll Myrtles songs into electric guitar-y, more modern ROCK AND ROLL! songs is an interesting one, Myrtles songs just sound better with both voices.  I wonder why.  But I’m not here to review these entries, really, and Lauren’s popular enough to get to the final round without a wizardly name attached to her, which I believe would be the first for any band in any category.
  • The Next Great Adventure – The Remus Lupins: You know how I said this would be a battlefield category?  I don’t know this at all from personal experience, due to this album being bloody impossible to get outside of live shows, and not being sold at Wrockstock, but I’ve heard pretty negative things about it. Maybe it’s actually a sonic rainbow covered in aural fudge sauce, I dunno.  But if it is bad, we’ll see if name recognition (and probably a few people who’ve never heard it will vote for it, just because it’s TRL) will beat EPs that were actually good.


Hooray, last one! This article took much longer to write than expected…

  • Magic Is Might – Ministry of Magic: It’s Frak. Of course it’s gonna get nom’d.  Not Frak’s greatest work (I actually don’t like his album covers too much – his random drawings and things he posts on his blog are just more… creative and fun to look at.  Though I liked the Demons at the Helm cover a fair amount), but I like how it was pretty much just the cover to OotP, except with the MoM boys.  As a study in blue, it ain’t bad, and it’s Frak, so of course it’s going on to the final round.
  • On Lighter and Darker Matters – Witherwings: Hands down the best album art of 2010, and so pretty that it’s prolly going to the final round too.  I’m no art critic, and I definitely know absolutely nothing about the wrock fandom’s tastes in visual art, beyond liking Frak’s shit, but they like Frak because he’s really really good, and whoever did this is also really, really good.
  • Love Will Prevail: Songs from the Final Battle – The Butterbeer Experience: I’m just guessing her, because BBE is rather popular.  Not my favorite artwork on here, I like the skeletal nature of the phoenix, but not my fave.  This category is a total crapshoot for me, since I’m, you know, ostensibly a music reviewer, if that, and most certainly not a visual arts reviewer.

Aaaaand that about wraps things up here.  Anyone agree with my predictions?  Anyone actually end up voting along my predictions?  Anyone wanna start a legit betting pool?  Let’s do this ish!  Also, if you haven’t yet, PLEASE vote in The Wizzies.  It’s your gorram’d patriotic duty.  Thank you, good night, and God Bless Albania.  Or something like that.


9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. MandalaSongs
    Jun 14, 2011 @ 19:23:05

    I know I am a bit biased, since it is my album, but I think “On lighter and Darker Matters” has the best album artwork too. 😉 It was done by Audrey Lovegood who also did the album art for Undesirable #1’s album “Wizards with Swagger.” She is FANTASTIC and I am so glad her work got nominated, though I wish her name appeared somewhere…
    On top of being super talented, she is a great gal, and I am sure she will appreciate the kind words.


  2. Crabbe and the Goyles
    Jun 14, 2011 @ 19:43:12

    No faith in dirty/rap wrock? Oh well. If there were a dirtiest song category “My Basilisk” could have had a chance haha.


  3. Lena
    Jun 14, 2011 @ 23:08:54

    1. It’s very late so this may not be all coherent.

    2. Wow! I am on here a lot, and after reading the article… you may be right a lot about me being nominated for the next round. I guess I’m not *too* surprised about best tour, considering the nominees, but honestly people didn’t even really know I was touring. I hope I at least make it into the finals for The Prince’s Tale, because I absolutely love that song.

    Best new wrock band: I love Lily and James! I really hope they win, honestly. I also really enjoyed “Voldemort’s Secret Santa” on JS4… but I don’t really know what else Seen and Unforseen did. Lumos + Nox I actually never heard. I voted for Weasley Sweaters, because I wanted to go for the underdog

    Best song: I voted for Good to See You Wallenby. Enough said. Also, I’m super jealous that I missed their tour, AND I missed Beth at Incendio.

    Best Album: I think it’s cool that I’m on your list… although there were so many on there… I’m pretty sure I voted for myself because I didn’t know what else to choose. I agree with your thinking JS4 is better than all those up for Noms for best album…

    speaking of which Best Comp: didn’t vote,b ecause the only thing I’d heard was JS4. I heard the Squidstravaganza one was pretty awesome though!

    Best tour: also no opinion because the only tour I saw was my own… and that’d be pretty stupid to vote for… So freakin jealous I didn’t see HATP… and my parents went to This Star Won’t Go Out when I couldn’t. Which is funny because they don’t read Harry Potter…

    Best Female vocals: ME! Haha. No. I voted for I Speak Tree because Tianna is phenominal! She just did a kliler set at Incendio. Can I vote for my creepy man voice from the TFB demos? I really really want to… Also I appreciate the use of your word “parselthings”

    Best Male vocals: THE SYSTEM IS DOWN THE SYSTEM IS DOWN! I hate Homestar Runner (having brothers who listened to strongbad 24/7 for like 5 years straight will do that) but this made me LOL. And I voted for lily and James. I got to sing with Jay in NYC in November and I have a huge crush on his voice.

    Hall of Fame? Don’t even ask. Seriously. All of the predictable ones. HATP, WW, MoM, TRL…

    Also, no opinion about the EP because I don’t have any… but is it plugged in technically wizard rock?

    And artwork: On lighter and darker matters HANDS DOWN. SOOOO god!!! (keeping that little typo there.)

    Okay, now it’s REALLY late, and I’m exhausted and have a ton of shit to do tomorrow. Soooo… yeah, those are my thoughts. I love your writing and am so glad you’re not on haitus anymore!!!!



  4. Brett
    Jun 15, 2011 @ 09:30:59

    One thing to point out….

    The final voting round will have 5 (five) slots


  5. Randi
    Jun 16, 2011 @ 08:45:49

    I’ll vote Kwikspell forKwikspell for best use of sound particles.
    I don’t know how MoM will fare seeing as this new album let me down, and I don’t know if other voters felt like that. But anyway, super pumped for the whole awards thing.


  6. Zacko
    Jul 31, 2011 @ 10:52:30

    Best new Wrock band: Lily and James, hands down. To be honest, I was surprised some made it through. I know Seen and Unforeseen had a song I heard that sounded like an unintentional HATP tribute and Weasley Sweaters reminds me of a 8th Horcrux knock-off (who, to be fair, are in turn a Weird Al knock off)

    Best song: I also voted for “Good to See You Wallenby” because Kwikspell is awesome. The Blibbering Humdingers are good too, but I’m a Kwikspell fan.

    Best Album: I voted for “Nobody Expects the Blibbering Humdingers” by The Blibbering Humdingers 1) because I like the name and 2) The Blibbering Humdingers are awesomely hilarious! I was disappointed to see “Magic is Might” make it, because that album blew

    Best Comp: JS4 all the way!!! I’m surprised A Hogwarts Halloween made it. I didn’t know/think it was that popular

    Best Tour: HATP! Saw them last year, it was awesome. Words cannot describe

    Best Female vocals: Again, Kwikspell, because Kwikspell is awesome.

    Best Male vocals: I also voted for Lily and James because I feel they are super talented.

    Best EP: HATP “Remixes” was awesome. I don’t really like the others. I’m a wrock purist I guess.


  7. Zacko
    Aug 05, 2011 @ 17:45:43

    Whoops, I’m stupid
    I should look these things up better


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