Last Minute Wizzies Post!

Wherein I quickly post my predictions for who will win the Wizzies, AND who I personally voted for.  Since they start in one hour, this will probably have fairly little reasoning and explanation and analysis.  Of course, every single time I’ve said “this will be a shorter article with less rambling”… we all know how THAT turns out.

First, my personal votes!

Best Male Voice: Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls – Cuz, you know, it’s Christian.  And he’s retired (again), and he truly has one of if not THE best voice in wizard rock, and it seems to me like a fitting send-off, despite him not really releasing much last year.

Best Female Voice: Seen and Unforeseen – While there are some other worthy contenders, especially that chick from Lily and James (short time frame means no time to fact check!), Eva’s voice has something very unique to it, and fits her music very well.

Best Compilation: Jingle Spells 4 – Easy.  Quite possibly the best album released, period, last year, so it easily nabs a “small pond” category like Best Comp.

Best EP: “Remixes” by Harry and the Potters – EPs were rather lacking last year, but we’ve already seen some bright spots this year to make up for it (The Veelas, The Deluminator).  Anyways, “Remixes” was one of the most unique and interesting albums of last year, and gave us some very fun and different takes on some of the most well-loved wizard rock songs in history.

Best Tour: None – I didn’t vote for this one seeing as I only saw one tour, and that was the obligatory Whompy/Lauren/Justin bonanza, the one the statistically, people were most likely to see because it was the farthest reaching tour last year.  So, seeing as I could offer no comparison and saw one of the two tours most likely to win, I felt I didn’t need to cast a vote.

Best Artwork: On Lighter and Darker Matters by Witherwings – Absolutely beautiful.  Hands down, amazing.

Best New Band: Lily and James – Really, super talented, makers of shiny, fun songs that are moderately catchy, and unlike other great new bands from last year, they actually released an album and thus a fair amount of songs, hence, why I didn’t vote for a band like Seen and Unforeseen.

Best Song: “Good To See You Wallenby” by Kwikspell – As well as being the winner of the “Song Whose Title I Most Think Is Supposed To Have An Extra E In It And Constantly Misspell”, GTSYW is hands down my favorite song released last year.  While the acoustic version is better than the more rock-n-roll version on the album, they’re both excellent, featuring good lyrics that really drive down into a character (Ron), and GTSYW is quite frankly the catchiest and danciest song of 2010, and in recent memory.  No doubt in my mind for this one.

Best Album: “Nobody Expects The Blibbering Humdingers” by The Spanish Inquisition – This was a really hard category for me, and unfortunately not because there were too many good albums to choose from this year. Not saying that there WEREN’T good albums last year, but for the first time, there was no clear winner.  I will dedicate a full article to this later, but to quickly run down just the ones nominated:

  • Magic Is Might – We all know how I feel about this album, no point in rehashing.
  • Wizard Party Forever!!! – The album repeats itself lyrically a bit, treads water, the electric guitar just gets annoying by the end, and there are some good, even GREAT songs on here, but also plenty of chaff. (Again, these are quick unnuanced reviews, hopefully I’ll do fuller reviews later)
  • Lily and James – Its weird – while I like the band, I don’t really like their only album.  They’ve got talent and great production values, but I don’t really like listening to the songs.  A couple of them are catchy, but most of them are well done and even pretty, but not super interesting.
  • Love Will Prevail – The songs themselves are good (for the most part), but there are some really jarring production issues that bring down the whole album for me.
  • Nobody Expects: And here’s the thing – I voted for the damn thing and didn’t really super enjoy it.  It has some great new songs, like the title track, “Dark Lord”, and “Spinner’s End”, a couple interesting songs, and some songs that tread water, AND it has an entire EP I’ve already listened to.  Almost half of the album is old shit, which makes me hard to vote for it.  The reason I finally did? Because if I looked at it as “Nobody Expects For Someone Who Has Never Heard The Naughty And Nice EP”, then it’s easily the best album of the lot.  So, if you’ve already got the EP, I would wait until they do another “Best Of” that contains the best songs from this album, and hopefully the next (?) one, but if you haven’t, I’d say you should definitely pick it up.

So, yeah.  No, SUPER quickly because it starts in five minutes, my predictions:

Best New Band: Lily and James – Easily the most popular of these bands, though U#1 or S&U could pull an upset.

Best Album: Magic Is Might – Too be honest, I won’t even be that upset this time because while there are better albums on this list, there’s no “Great” album that would really be getting undeservedly shafted this time.  And honestly, you don’t need to ask “why” this album’s going to win – I don’t understand it, but it is very popular, if iTunes sales are anything to go by.

Best Song: The Prince’s Tale – I’m actually betting against MoM this time, just because, of all the songs on that album, “Lily”?!? Really?!  That’s like if that fucking Dobby song from O&U got nom’d for best song.  So, I’m betting against a really bad MoM song, and banking on Christian’s voice, as well as Prince’s Tale being a very popular song.  I’d LOVE a Kwikspell or even Blibs upset, and you never know, the meta-wrock crowd might put Whompy over the top, but… yeah, not expecting that.

Best Comp: JS4 – It’s really good and it’s the only one everyone bought.  MAYBE the other TLC album will win, despite it taking forever to come out.  Either way, TLC wins.

Best Male Vocals: Oliver Boyd – It’s Christian. His last year. He wins usually anyway.  Yeah.

Best Female Vocals: Lauren Fairweather – Not even sure about this one, just guessing, she’s popular, and Wizzies are starting right now go go go

Best Tour: Whompy n Friends – Most people saw this one, or HatP.  Money is on Whompy.

Best EP: Bare Bones? Is It Plugged In? I dunno.  One of those two.  I can’t say about TNGA since IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO FUCKING FIND. Anyway.  If I had to put money on one, I’ll say Bare Bones.

Best Artwork: Magic Is Might – People love their Frak.  I like Frak too, but this one is more silly than anything (Still well done, but the subject matter is silly, like the giant heads and the awkward butt flaps), and maybe On Lighter and Darker Matters will pull it out, but my money’s on the two mainstays of awards, Frak and MoM, once again combined.

And that’s about it.  If you aren’t watching them, the Wizzies are on NOW! WATCH IT!

Wrock Snob out.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Meryl
    Oct 18, 2011 @ 22:23:26


    I love your blog, and wanted to write you an email, but you don’t have any contact listed! But I need advice and you have the most vast knowledge about wrock I’ve found. Or at the very least, you’re the most frank about the knowledge you have. I want to bring a wrock band to my school for our Yule Ball/winter formal, but we’re having trouble finding a band that would appeal to people who have never heard wrock before and mostly want to party. MoM would be ideal, but we need east coast. Thoughts?



    • wrocksnob
      Oct 19, 2011 @ 07:39:59

      Hello! I’m so glad you enjoy this blog! I do have contact info listed, but you’re right, it is kinda buried, thanks for alerting me to that. My email is
      You pose a very interesting question, so how about you email me again to remind me, and I’ll get back to you really soon, okay?


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