So Here’s The Plan (An Explanation For The Rest Of The Site)

So, if anyone was awake for my hissy-fit on twitter last night, I basically talked about how, since I’ve been distancing myself more and more from the fandom, I might as well make it official. So, I am officially announcing the beginning of the end for the Wrock Snob. I have TONS of articles in various states of completeness, ranging from ninety percent done to just blog titles and a phrase or two. My goal is to now go through these articles and spruce up what I can, and just post the skeletons of all the ones I can’t, and then finish off with a few “post-mortem” articles. My hope is to finish with a list of my top X favorite wrock songs of all time. I think that’d be a nice place to finish things off, and a good first thing for new visitors to the site to see, and THEN they can scroll down and see that 87 percent of this site is really just unfiltered bile.

So, while before this point, I pretty much never apologized before hand for a lack of quality in the articles, since I really hate that practice, I must now ask you to judge the following odds and ends with a bit of mercy, seeing as the majority are not in any state fit for human consumption.  Thoughts and plans for the articles are often half-finished, so if you find yourself offended by something, try not to be.  I present these dregs and drabs as more insight into my mind so historians can better understand my legacy, and also as novelties for the curious.  I will note when an article is actually fairly complete and stuff like that. So… yeah. Have fun.


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