The Rebirth


Friends, wrockers, foreigners – lend me your ears. I come to raise the Wrock Snob, not to bury it. The reviews that critics write live after them – the snark is oft interred within their blogs. So let it be with Wrock Snob.

So yes, today, on its 1111th day anniversary, I’m officially rebooting the Wrock Snob! Now, yes, I did announce my official retirement from the scene, but I did it… on April 1st. Seriously guys, I can’t believe you actually trusted me on that one! Well, besides the fact that I hadn’t published a new article in about 8 months.

But still. Not cool, guys.

Anyways, this is just an official announcement to let you know that I am completely restarting things here. I have an extensive backlog of articles finished and am writing more every day, and have some exciting new features and directions lined up. I am also going to start once again on a rather brisk update schedule: 2-3 articles every week. I’m not going to tie myself down and say a particular type of article on a specific day, but each week there will be two or three articles, maybe even more.

This will all actually begin next week, but on Sunday I will be unveiling something rather exciting (for me, at least)! I would like to thank anyone who has ever been a part of the Wrock Snob, and I hope you will rejoin me once again as we prove that wrock ain’t dead yet!

More rambly details after the jump.



Yo, so remember how I had that whole “The End” thing? Well, I still have a lot of articles from that time to finish/publish. All of those old articles, which are in various stages of draftiness, will be marked by after-the-fact editor’s notes [in slanty little comments in brackets like these]. Articles without those brackets are entirely new material, and I’m going to give you a mix of new and old as I work through that backlog, and then all new stuff all the way! So, we’re going to do that for a couple months, and then I’m going to start slowly branching into new types of articles and Snobby experiences for y’all/ I have some pretty cool stuff planned, and I hope you will enjoy me on this new Pokemon adve- I mean, wizard rock journey.

And seriously, thanks. There are some of you who still check this site regularly, and I hope to make the long hiatuses up to you.

Wrock Snob, down but not out.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. voldemargo
    Jun 01, 2013 @ 08:11:53

    AAAAAAAh I am so happy. I don’t even care if it’s once every six months, your existence makes me joyous, and your rebirth lifts a mighty weight from my soul. (If you ever need testimonials, I hereby allow you to use the preceding sentence.)
    Snark on, Snob, snark on.
    Now I’m going to go promo the shit out of you.


  2. Paul
    Jun 03, 2013 @ 08:04:17

    How long have you had Catullus 16 as your header/title text? I must’ve missed it for a long, long time, but then I noticed it again and just laughed. That’s some naughty, naughty Latin right there


    • wrocksnob
      Jun 03, 2013 @ 11:09:21

      For at least a year, actually! And I am so glad someone finally caught it – I’ve been personally giggling over that one for a very long time.


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