An Interview with Harry and the Potters, Part 2

After checking to make sure that yes, my equipment was indeed doing what it was supposed to do, or at the very least it was telling me it was doing what it was supposed to do, we dove back in with another hard-hitting question:

Wrock Snob: How did Snitchwiches come about?

Joe DeGeorge: Well, Paul had invented this cool sandwich – peanut butter and jelly and golden grahams –

Paul DeGeorge: No, it wasn’t jelly –

Joe: That’s what you said…

Paul: No…

Joe: Yeah, yeah, you were like, “You gotta try this cool sandwich. You know peanut butter and jelly? Throw some golden grahams on there!”

Paul: Oh, really?

Joe: That’s how you were originally pitching it.

Paul: Oh, was I?

Joe: Yeah.

Paul: Okay.

Joe: And then we were at LeakyCon ’11, down in Florida, and it was in this location that just didn’t have –

Paul: There was no food.

Joe: There was no food options for the people to eat. People were HUNGRY at that convention.

Paul: And we were coming off a tour where it was kind of at the real start of the food cart craze. So we were coming off of a tour where we were eating at all these food carts and feeling really inspired by that, and that idea of –

Joe: Starting our own wizard food cart –

Paul: Artisinal food produced right in front of you, and so we kind of borught that approach to Harry Potter/wizard food.

Joe: And so when I was like “What could I sell, what would be feasible?” Paul’s sandwich that he invented!

Paul: Yeah! And we also at the time were really into inventing stuff. Like, I was inventing a lot of hand greetings – that’s when we invented the high-flyve, at the same time.

[Paul and Joe share a hearty high-flyve.]

Paul: And so I invented this sandwich and I was like “This is a really good sandwich!”

Joe: So, I just branded it: “Golden Snitchwiches”.

Paul: Yup! Golden for the golden grahams.

Joe: And went into business.

WS: So, are you guys going to hit any food carts while you’re in Portland?

Joe: Well, we have been…

Paul: We’re pretty well-acquainted with the pod scene here.

WS: Oh right! That was kind of a dumb question. Stick to the script, Snobby!

Paul: Yeah, we’ve been over at the one downtown, and the one on Hawthorne.

Joe: What are some of your faves?

WS: I like the one near Director Park and Pioneer downtown –

Paul: That one has a lot of options.

WS: Yeah. There’s also one near Powell and 52nd, over on the East side that’s good. They’ve got a fondue place, which you’d think wouldn’t work for food carts, but –

Paul: It works?

WS: They make sandwiches and like wrap them in foil so the fondue stays in it and –

Paul: Wild!

WS: It’s interesting.

Paul: That’s wild.

WS: So, any chance of more vinyl releases, or re-releases of like, Scarred for Life?

Paul: Hmm. Good question.

Joe: We haven’t discussed that, really.

Paul: Actually, Voldemort Can’t Stop the Rock is now out of print on CD, we ran out, so, I don’t know… we honestly don’t sell a lot of recorded music these days, so it’s hard to justify doing a vinyl pressing for such a limited audience. Although, I mean, the library record, we managed to sell 500 copies of that over two years, so that’s not to bad, I guess. So, I wouldn’t say no, but it’s also not at the forefront, because it’s super expensive to do vinyl. It’s so expensive.

WS: So, how about more Dumbledore?

Paul: I’d LOVE to do more Dumbledore. We’ve discussed maybe doing a split 12-inch with MC Kreacher or something. That’d be good.

[Wrock Snob practically levitates out of thon’s chair with giddiness]

WS: That would make me VERY happy.

Paul: I think there’s even LESS of an audience for that, so we’re making very esoteric products, and that becomes even more difficult to justify. So, I don’t know, maybe that’s something that’s good for Kickstarter, and if people want to buy into it, then we can fund it, and if not, it doesn’t get funded, and no harm, no foul. But it’s like, do I want to lay out two grand to press 300 copies of an MC Kreacher/Dumbledore 12-inch? No!

[All laugh]

WS: I’d buy at least two…

Paul: Alright – there’s 20 bucks… [You can hear the eyeroll in his voice. Also, since I was there, I could also see it. In his eyes. Because that’s where eyerolls usually occur.]

WS: Is Vomit Words ever coming back?

Paul: Oh man, you got some deep questions here. That’s one I’d love to bring back, I just kind of petered out on it – I meant to sit down and write a lot more for it, and I just never did. It could be a good band project at some point, just like spend an afternoon.

WS: So you’ve said before that Harry and the Potters has a definite expiration date – how far off do you think that is?

Paul: I did? It must have been, what, 2008?

[All laugh]

Joe: We’re pretty ripe. I’m not sure when that quote is from, but it was probably referring to around then, around the end of the book series.

WS: Do you still think that way, or will you keep playing until nobody shows up or…?

Paul: I think differently now – we’re like, six years out from the last book, and what we see is when we tour, just a whole audience changeover. There’s still some people who come see us year and year out –

Joe: But there’s a lot of people coming for their first time.

Paul: There’s also teenagers who are, if you’re 16 now, you were 10 when the last Harry Potter book came out. They weren’t into the music at all, and they still grew up on the Harry Potter books the same way people your age did [Note: The Wrock Snob is estimated to be a little over 400 years old, or quite possibly a negative age somewhere in the tens of thousands], so we keep changing over the audience. And it’s different in some ways, but it’s kind of the same as what we were doing. It’s a slightly smaller audience than the sort of heyday of 2006-2007, when Harry Potter was –

Joe: Saturated in the media –

Paul: Yeah, it was ubiquitous, and now it’s less so, but still it’s such a major part of not just our culture but of kids growing up – kids grow up with it, it still really resonates with them in exactly the same way it did when it was a more prominent part of the culture. It still resonates in the same way, so they’re still looking for ways to engage with that at our shows. It kind of works out for us because we end up being one of the few games left in town, because we still do it and we’re still drawing a crowd.

WS: What plans do you have for pursuing music after HatP – will Ed in the Refrigerators come back, or…?

Paul: Yeah, bring it back!

Joe: Maybe we’ll do our 20th Anniversary…

[Both laugh]

Paul: That would be awesome!

Joe: We did a 10-year anniversary show that didn’t go over very well…

[All laugh]

Paul: So, you gotta try the 20!

Joe: Maybe we’ll shoot for the 20 now.

Paul: That’s what, 6 years away? ’99?

Joe: Yeah, it’s coming up.

Paul: Coming up! Just six years.

[Both laugh]

Paul: Um, we have a band about clams. Called “Black Wampum”. So clam rock could be the next big thing. Just trying to start a new genre, really.

Joe: It’s pretty high on my priorities to pursue.

Paul: Yeah, start a new genre.

WS: So, speaking of clams: Joe, do you still have the shovel?

Joe: My Dad’s shovel?

WS: The one when you ran for President in high school and said “Vote for Joe, he has a shovel”.

Joe: I think it’s in my dad’s garage.

Paul: It was dad’s shovel, yeah.

Joe: It was my dad’s.

Paul: Joe didn’t actually own a shovel –

Joe: I didn’t own a shovel!

Paul: Lie! Campaign LIE.

Joe: Welp, that’s why I didn’t win – I was lying.

And this is probably why Kwikspell won the race for “Best Hair in Wizard Rock” and not Joe. You need to work on those campaign promises, man! Next week, we discuss the EP of the Month Club at length, and also touch upon the collaborative process, what the exact list of songs played at that very first show was, and Fugazi.

Also, if you, like me, would give at least two of somebody else’s limbs to get a Dumbledore/MC Kreacher split vinyl release, then you should leave a comment here or send HatP a message or something – it can’t be just me, right? Right?

Sigh. See you next time.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sam Harris
    Aug 06, 2013 @ 08:43:03

    These interviews are all I’ve ever wanted in life.
    God damn, you really know the right questions to ask.
    There is no way in hell that I wouldn’t buy that vinyl. Damn, I want that badly.


  2. Kat
    Aug 06, 2013 @ 23:28:14

    I would give 2 of someone else’s limbs and one of my own for the vinyl oh goodness. I just really want HatP to make more things so i can give them all of my money


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