An Interview with Harry and the Potters, Part 4

We continue where we left off last week, as our story interview continues…

Wrock Snob: If you were to start a new wrock band from a dedicated point of view, which character would you pick?

Joe DeGeorge: Oh, Aberforth.

[Paul laughs]

Joe: Definitely.

Paul DeGeorge: Well I already did that –

Joe: Well, yeah –

Paul: Aberforth Dumbledore and the Nannies? Look it up.

[Both “hmmm” for a little while]

Paul: It would definitely be a deep, obscure character –

WS: Stubby Boardman?

Paul: Well, we did a Stubby Boardman song on the Christmas one. Yeah, love that.

Joe: So we have dabbled in minor characters.

Paul: Gosh, Stubby’s great, man.

WS: Screw the Dumbledore/Kreacher EP, bring back Stubby!

Paul: Bring back Stubby! Man, now you got me thinking, like, that’d be a great idea. [Affects a gravelly voice] Too much butterbeer! Christmas! [Laughs]

Joe: I don’t know, maybe Dudley?

Paul: [Laughing] Dudley! Joe’s got a developing Dudley fanfic, so…

WS: Really? Is it going to be released as a [Gestures at the zines displayed for sale, while momentarily forgetting the word] -?

Joe: Yeah, I might release it as a zine or something.

WS: Nice.

Joe: It’s called “Dudley Listens To Nirvana”. It takes place around when Harry Potter goes to school – the year punk broke.

Paul: Yeah! September ’91 is when Nevermind came out – [Laughing] that’s when Harry went to Hogwarts.

Joe: So, Dudley’s just sitting at home watching MTV, watching Nirvana!

Paul: And his mind is exploding.

[All chuckle]

WS: Part of your stage personas is the story that you are each Harry Potter from different time periods – have you ever thought about writing a song about that?

Paul: Oh my God, no.

Joe: No.

Paul: Why not?

Joe: Well, I think we tried to keep pretty conceptually canon with most of our stuff, at least what’s on our records.

Paul: Actually, at the last LeakyCon we wrote a little bit that we performed at Puppet Pals. It was a little song that was like “Two Harry Potters are better than one -”

Paul and Joe [singing in unison]: Two Harry Potters gonna get the job done!

Paul: And so we were there, and we were interacting with the puppet Harry, and the joke is that there’s three Harry Potters, but puppet Harry’s really pissed that there’s other Harry Potters around.

WS: Right.

Paul: So eventually we’re like “You know, the more Harry Potters the better!” So in some ways, it’s been broached. Real, real goofily…

Joe: Yeah.

WS: What’s your craziest/most interesting tour story?

Paul: Fort Campbell.

[Both laugh]

Joe: Well, that’s a good go-to.

Paul: Yeah.

Joe: We had like, an empty day on our 2006 tour with Uncle Monsterface, and this guy who booked shows at an Army base in Kentucky contacted us to play at the youth center there, and we were like “Okay! We’ll get a chance to play on an Army base…”

Paul: And it was like “I can’t pay you, but we’ll feed you and get you a place to stay” and we were like “You know, this could be like a real Spinal Tap moment, playing on an Army base, so let’s go for it.” And it was exactly like you would imagine – where like, the whole experience was terrible – like, ALL of it.

Joe: Yeah, it’s such a weird world, inside Fort Campbell.

Paul: Yeah, so there were these other bands playing, that were your typical high school, emo kind of bands or whatever, and the foooood that was provided was basically peanut butter sandwiches – make your own – and the show first of all was pretty bad. Most kids were pretty indifferent; the one kid who seemed like he might be a fan was heckling us? He was dressed like a wizard, but heckling us!

Joe: I think he really enjoyed it, but…

Paul: Yeah. Weird response.

Joe: I can imagine there are all sorts of social anxiety issues running around an Army base, especially if you’re a freak or a weirdo.

Paul: Right, yeah. Give him the benefit of the doubt.

Joe: Honestly, he liked the show [Laughs].

Paul: And then we stayed at this crazy murder mansion with wallpaper peeling off the walls –

Joe: Yeah, people were just asking us for drugs the whole night.

Paul: It was the kind of place where Army brats graduate, don’t leave the town, rent a shitty house, and always have their friends over, partying at all hours – it was just like that hub for that sort of Army brat burnouts. And we were doing a Song-a-Day during that tour – you can track down us recording a song in the middle of all this craziness, and you can hear all this background noise, people talking and stuff. And eventually I said to Joe “We’re not going to get any sleep here, there’s no way – so I think we should go sleep in the van.” And we had to be up at 8:30 the next morning to make a seven or eight hour drive, so we’re like “We’re going to go sleep in the van, you guys can hold it down here.” [Laughing] So we left the Uncle Monsterface guys there!

[Wrock Snob laughs heartily]

Joe: When we woke up they were outside ready to go.

Paul: Yeah, when we woke up, we were thinking “Oh no, we have to go back in there, in that place that smells like cat piss..” There was, like, laundry constantly going in the dining room for some reason?

Joe: Yeah, they were always doing laundry.

Paul: Like, huge piles of laundry. This is the kind of place where people would put cigarettes out on the couch, you know?

Joe: [Laughing] In the carpet!

Paul: And so we left those guys in there, I don’t think they got much sleep – one of them actually got sexually assaulted – it was really crazy. People were showing up, getting wasted all night – it was…

Joe: It was a bad…

Paul and Joe: Bad scene.

Paul: We got out of there.

Joe: We haven’t gone much to the dark side since then.

Paul: Yeah – I think we learned our lesson. We can kind of figure out if a place is going to be that kind of scene now.

Joe: Learning when to say “No”.

Paul: Yeah.

[Paul visibly shudders]

And that brings to a close the penultimate installment of my interview with Harry and the Potters! Next week – The Conclusion!


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  1. Part 5?
    Feb 16, 2016 @ 18:44:43

    Part 5?


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    Mar 07, 2016 @ 18:43:18

    Is part 5 ever going to be posted


  3. Anonymous
    Mar 07, 2016 @ 18:43:58

    Will part 5 ever be posted


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