Why We Fight – The Mix

Here's 31 Reasons

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A little over a month ago, the wizard rock community was rocked by revelations of egregious ill-doings by some of the most popular and respected members of the community, specifically adult men manipulating younger women, sometimes minors, into unhealthy, emotionally abusive, and even illegal relationships. The emotional reactions were and continue to be as varied as they are strong. Disgust. Betrayal. Grief. Anger. Guilt. Fear. And these are all completely normal and acceptable emotional reactions. But we cannot let our negative emotions rule us and hamper us from progress. We must remember not only that we should fight, but why we fight. To that end, I had originally planned to tweet a different song each day in April by a female wrocker that I really liked.

However, there were two major problems with this plan. Firstly, as long-time readers know, I really am very awful at keeping up with a daily or weekly schedule, ESPECIALLY on a medium like twitter where it’s hard to “bank” multiple entires for a rainy (i.e. LAZY) day. Secondly, and much more importantly, twitter really HAMPERS MY ABILITY TO DRONE ON UNECESSARILY. Well, it doesn’t actually hamper it as much as it should, but still. Then I stumbled upon the idea of creating a list of 31 songs – a month’s worth, and posting them all at one go on the First of May. But not a mere list, no – A MIX! Using the intriguing 8tracks website, I uploaded my mix, and added the usual verbiage in the annotations section of each song – a little blurb written by me should pop up when each song starts playing.

I think 8tracks is a neat website, and if people like this sort of thing, playlists curated (and commented on) by me, I’ll probably make some more. I’ve been meaning to make a grip of “Top 7 Songs About X” for awhile now, and turning these lists into annotated mixes could be fun, and more enjoyable for readers who don’t have literally DAYS of wizard rock on their computers. I’m planning on just having the annotations sit over on the 8tracks site, but if anyone has trouble reading or accessing them (sometimes the site’s a tad buggy), lemme know and I can start posting the annotations over here as well, like a regular old list article.

Lastly, I feel obligated to say that constructing this mix was not easy, and when I got to the end of annotating it, I was surprised because I had been sure I’d included songs that didn’t make it into the 31 cut. So yes, let me acknowledge the egregiousness of not having any Snidget. Or Witherwings. Or Wrackspurt! Or House of Black. Or Hawthorn and Holly. In my defense, there’s a lot of great female wrock out there, and only so many days in a month. Also, I did try my best to follow a rule of “no doubling”, but I did use a couple people twice, because they’re awesome.

I hope you enjoy the mix, and if you have any comments or feedback, as always I’d love to hear ’em. Also, there doesn’t seem to be many wrock mixes on 8tracks, and definitely not many, if any themed ones, so if you like the technology I would love to see people making their own creative wrock mixes and such – including ones of this same theme! Please, use all those songs and bands I should have and make me feel like an idiot.

Wrock Snob out.



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