An Interview with Harry and the Potters, Part 5

We continue where we left off three years ago (sorry about that), as we discuss touring, future albums, and Carl Sagan.

Wrock Snob: Did you ever consider pulling a Whompy and touring full time?

Paul DeGeorge: We did tour full time: 2006-2008.

Joe DeGeorge: I mean, I was actually in school full time.

Paul: We did 130 shows in 2007. We did a 72 day tour in like two months. I don’t know we were just on the road constantly –

WS: [Confused at the concept of linear time] Wait, you did 72 days in months? 

Paul: Yeah.

Joe: [Explaining] There’s 72 shows.

WS: Oh, okay.

Paul: Yeah. 

Joe: Might have been two and a half months.

Paul: There was several days we were doing two shows and almost zero days off. We took like three days off after the seventh book came out, but then got right back on the road. There were times we were matching Whompy show-for-show or doing better. But, you know, we reigned it in, Joe was in school… You know, it’s hard… it’s hard to book that many shows when you do it yourself. Honestly, it’s like a full time job. 


WS: What’s your favorite thing about the community that sprung up around wizard rock? 

Joe:I just like hearing people express themselves that might have not ventured or expressed themselves that way.

Paul: Yeah, I mean what’s most punk about it is it gives people a forum for playing music where they might not otherwise have thought to do that or figured out that they could even do that – that they had a voice. It’s been like that for us too – we sort of found our voice through it as well.


WS: Is there a question you’ve always wanted to be asked but never have, or some piece of trivia you’ve never shared?

[Pause, hushed whispers]

Joe: [Quietly] But do we want to unveil? We’ve done a lot of interviews.

Paul: I’m always surprised when there is actually a new question in the interviews. And you had a lot of a lot of deeper questions – like, what was the one you started with?

WS: Where did Wandicorn come from.

Paul: I mean that’s a pretty good one.

Joe: That’s a really good question.

WS: Hard hitting.

Joe: No one’s ever asked that.

WS: [Gently sarcastic] What the fans need to know. 

Paul: Yeah, I mean, I feel like those are the kind of questions I like getting, like those really deep ones…


Paul: …But I can’t think of any others at the moment. Lazy question, Snobby.

WS: Yeah, I know. It is a lazy question… it’s the last trick in the interviewers hat.


WS: So when the – oh I can’t say that are we getting our – no can’t say that either Deathly Hallows album?


Joe: Welp, I can’t say that!

WS: But are there any plans for a fourth album? Have you talked about it, are there any bones you can throw to me and Brad? 

Paul: We recorded the Hedwig song – “The Great Motorcycle Explosion of ’97”? Yeah, we have, like, a pro recording of that. But that kind of stands alone as maybe the one Deathly Hallows song that’s actually written. Have we written anything else?

Joe: “Kreacher Give Me A Sandwich”.

WS: “Smoochy Smoochy” – no wait, “puking puking puking at the ministry doors” – whats that one called?

Paul: Oh yeah, so we did have a couple. It’s called “Expulsion During Disapparation.

WS: Thank you.

Paul: Oh yeah, I forgot we had a couple on that EP. I’d like to explore that sandwich thing more. I think there’s a lot there. The thing that bugs me so much about that is, like, we went through this whole thing with House Elves and S.P.E.W… And then the freaking last line of the book is like “maybe my fucking slave house elf will bring me a sandwich!” [Laughing] It really bothered me.

Joe: [Regretfully] Some people never learned.

Paul: I’d like to do a whole album around that.

WS: Justice for Kreacher – do another Voldemedia album but just about Kreacher!

Paul: Yeah… Part of it was that Power of Love took a lot out of us creatively.  We spent like almost six months working on that almost full time  -when we weren’t touring. Also, we haven’t lived in the same city since 2008. So it’s been hard to find time to work on it – like, the time we spend together is generally touring, and that’s the biggest reason why it hasn’t happened. More than anything is wanting to be serious about it and do it justice and write songs that are as good as the ones on there [Power of Love], but not feeling like we have the time. Sorry, sorry. Sorry, Brad.

WS: We we will weep on Twitter together.


WS: Lastly: Favorite scientist?

Paul: [Without hesitation] Sagan.

Joe: Sagan’s great. I like Dick Feynman’s memoirs.

Paul: Wasn’t he a real dick though?

Joe: Well it’s debatable… He is a real Dick, it’s his name… But certainly an interesting character.

Paul: I feel like Sagan did a good job of popularizing science for people, and started a trend that you can see in pop culture now –  you know, like, Sagan begat Bill Nye begat Hank Green.

WS: And one of them begat Neil de Grasse Tyson.

Paul: Oh yeah, true, he’s in there too. He’s in that chain somewhere.

Joe: That probably makes a lot more impact on science than a singular scientist could do. Generally people are so deep in their field, but to be a broad inspirer of science and capture peoples energy that way… [Trails off wistfully]



And that’s the end of the interview! It did kind of just end like that. Maybe I should work on structuring these things better. Eh, whatevs. Just a few notes: firstly, full disclosure, this series was one big long article of my interview with Harry and the Potters, not a 1:1 transcript. For starters, we had our conversation in a loud exhibit hall full of people setting up, and there were a couple interruptions here and there. Also, there were a lot more um, yeahs, you knows, etc. that I excised for the sake of a better reading experience. I tried my best to maintain the spirit and intent of all words spoken, while making them flow just a bit better in the written form. Since transcribing this 45-minute interview took a little over 3 years, it’s not a skill I’ve mastered yet, but one I hope to work on. To that end, I would like to do more interviews in the future. It’s something I always meant to do from the very beginning of this site, and never got around to. I will be reaching out to bands that will be performing at the upcoming LeakyCon, and I’ll let you guys know about that and some other news about LC in an official post a little closer to the date.

Lastly, I want to thank Paul and Joe for spending nearly an hour in the middle of set-up time talking to me and indulging my weird questions. It was a pleasure to interview the both of you, and I’m sorry it took so damn long to finish putting this up on the internet.

Wrock Snob out.


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