Snobby Sundays Slamalanche! (Part 1)

I don’t know what a Slamalanche is, but it sounds dope, and possibly involving John Cena. So, back in 2013, Russ from the Wizrocklopedia asked me to do some articles. Having followed the ‘pedia religiously for well over 5 years at that point, I readily agreed, and wrote a series of articles highlighting smaller known bands that you might have missed, called “Snobby Sundays”. Since I have a terrible habit of writing my articles almost entirely in the famously buggy WordPress post editor, when the ‘pedia went down, I entirely lost my access to these old articles. Fortunately, the Wizrocklopedia recently made a triumphant return – but under a new address (change your bookmarks!). Because of this, all my old posts on this site linking to the Snobby Sundays no longer work. Also, a strange amount of people (more than zero) have said they’ve been binging on my old articles recently, so I thought it would be fun to make a little article collecting all the new links to the old Snobby Sundays. Then I realized I’m lazy, so I’m just going to do the first five in this article, and do the second half later this week. Enjoy!

The H.M.S. Wolfstar

Of course this is where I started. My love of the one-witch Swedish wrock band that made a grand total of two songs, and only one of which do I truly love, is well known to the point of self-parody. And I’ll admit, I’m a lot more likely these days to nod my head and groove to “Give Me The Moon” than I am to dance wildly to it like I did in 2008. But I still have a great deal of fondness for this song, and this band remains one of the great “What If?’s” in the scene – if this band had continued, would we have a dozen more classic songs to add to the canon? Or would a promising start yield disappointing results? Only the wind knows.

that was randomly pretentious what the fuck

Buckbeak’s Flight

I had this neat gimmick going in the first half of SS where I was focusing on gallivanting around the world and highlighting some bands not from America – undeniably the epicenter of wizard rock. I would love to some day sit down and figure out why wrock was so much more of a deal in America than England, but I’d also like to turn into a flying otter and not have seizures, so whaddya know. Anyway, we stopped in Australia for Buckbeak’s Flight. For my sickles, Australia is second only to Sweden in non-America/GB countries with strong, burgeoning wrock scenes. Or at least they did during the scene’s heyday. I do think it’s true that wizard rock will never truly truly die, but will simply contract and change, but one of the biggest problems with that is that the scene will likely contract back to its epicenter in America, robbing wrock of interesting international voices. Lack of diversity in everything from racial representation to the musical genre is a big problem in wrock that I feel kept wrock from being all it could have been, and it’s sad to think that might get worse. On the other hand, people who are still into wizard rock are so dedicated, that passion might give us new sounds and voices just the same. I guess this write up wasn’t about Buckbeak’s Flight at all, but whatev. Click the link to read about them.

Luna’s Ceiling

Luna’s Ceiling is one of those bands that, especially in their second album, was so polished it was really weird to think of them as little-known, especially since David was not exactly shy about communicating with other member of the fandom. I relistened to Surprise and Scatter recently, and it still holds up as being good stuff. The tracks that drag a bit feel even slower to me today, but the butt-pumping tasty jams are as exhilarating as ever. Yes, I just said a ton of off topic stuff about Buckbeak’s Flight, and this is pretty much all I’m gonna write about Luna’s Ceiling. What can I say? The music speaks for itself.

Happy Funtimes Edition

So apparently some shit went down on July 13th, 2013, and it made me sad, so I made a quick writeup about a bunch of wizard rock songs that make me happy. I have pretty much zero memory of the inciting events, and I’m too lazy to check Wikipedia. What’s more interesting to me is that a mere 3 years ago I thought finding out Jo was writing mysteries under a pseudonym was amazing news. Now I really do wish she would stop, you know, doing stuff. Though to be fair, I’m fine with her writing mysteries. Write all the Robert Gilbraithe books you want! I just… look, if you ever want to know why exactly I hate Ilvermorny, it’s on my feed somewhere. If you go to LeakyCon next month, you will probably overhear me ranting about it. Also, quick warning that given that this was mid-2013, there are some TRL and MoM songs in this article. What I said about those songs being good songs is still true, just, you know, don’t pay money for them.

I am kinda mad at myself for chickening out on “Fang, Stop Peeing On My Trunk”. That song is a MASTERPIECE, past me, and YOU KNOW IT.

The Deluminator

The Deluminator is one of those bands that I view as a victim of timing – 2011 wasn’t exactly the best time for an unknown to burst onto the scene, and the lack of traction probably has to do with why they only ever made the one EP. But I’m bored about talking about that sort of thing. Instead, a comment by Lady Sugarquill on this post mentions the possibility that The Deluminator could have been a professional band in disguise. Remember back in 2009 when random bands would pop up and a bunch of big names would boost them for no apparent reason? Anyone remember Fudge Factory? Anyone? Just me? Okay then. Anyway, the ‘pedia recently started a new series on wrock songs to come from outside what one usually defines as the wizard rock community, and that’s slightly related to this so go check that out I guess okay I’m done maybe my tea is ready that would be nice

Wrock Snob out.



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  1. Russ
    Sep 21, 2016 @ 03:56:41

    Ahh haha Fudge Factory 😀


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