Malfoy Manor Tweetstorm, Part 1

So, a little over a week ago Draco and the Malfoys hosted a live wizard rock extravaganza at Malfoy Manor (Brian’s house). It was filled with great wizard rock acts, and some muggle sets as well. I was not able to go, seeing as there was that issue of a continent being in the way, but thanks to GeekBeat Radio, I was still able to attend in spirit by accessing the live broadcast they set up. While being at the show in person would have been great, this really was the next best thing. I felt like I was there, and for better or worse, plenty of the people actually there felt like I was there too! I’m going to do an official thinkpiecey writeup about the event later, but first, I’m going to collate all my tweets made that night into a series of annotated articles.  Enjoy!

What the fuck why did I say that what

Whichever one it was, they sang an absolutely delightful and catchy little ditty consisting solely of the words “cupcake”, “and”, and “beer”.

One of the most fun things about this show was hanging out with other people not able to attend in person. Big ups to Swish and Flick and 142 Staircases for the company.

It was at this point that the concert officially started, kicking off with Draco and the Malfoys playing one of their all time classics.

The quote in the above tweet is from some audience member that shouted it loud enough to be picked up by the streaming mics. Also, I really am excited to see the two of them live at LeakyCon – Brian definitely killed it in his solo show at Wrockstock 2010, but one of the very best traits of Draco and the Malfoys is their harmonies, so I’m really pumped for that.

The album I’m referring to is The Man In Yellow And Black, one of a series of themed charity comps that were popular in the 2010-2012 era. This one was all covers and parodies of Johnny Cash songs, put together to raise money for Danny (from the band Hogwarts, A History) after his jaw was broken during an altercation on a bus.

Ilvermorny is SUCH trash. Honestly kind of disheartened that LeakyCon is giving it the legitimacy of having meetup panels for your fellow Pukwudgies or whatever.

It really was a great addition to the internet stream, thanks again d00d.

I never did find out what the beer selection was like, besides the fact that there were ciders.

I want to reiterate that I have so much respect for someone who gets up, especially for the first time, in front of a live audience, makes a misstep or two, and keeps soldiering on.


The one good thing about experiencing a concert via audio only is that when new instruments come into play it is immediately surprising.

“Hagrid” is one of the very best wizard rock songs ever made, precisely because of how short and easy to remember it is. It’s the wrock scene’s very own camp song, complete with accompanying hand gestures.

While a short set with some bumps in the beginning, Fantastic Beasts really finished strong. The song was catchy, well-written, and woke. Pretty much perfect in my book. I never did find out if Fantastic Beasts have a bandcamp or any social media presence, but if anyone who happens to know is reading this, help a snob out, y’hear?

While the absolutely spontaneous Smash Mouth sing-along was all kinds of incredible, I do not want to lose sight of the fact that THERE WAS JUST A UKULELE LYING AROUND SOMEWHERE WITH THE EXPRESS PURPOSE OF BEING PLAYED BY RANDOS. That’s so baller.

I remember this being funny. I don’t remember exactly why.

This was a quote from an ongoing riff Whompy had about how all of his songs are in the key of G. It was very funny.

Seriously, that video is amazing.

I love Lauren’s backing on the version on The White Album, but it was a special treat hearing the Malfoy boys doing the backup.

I believe it was “A Brief Repose”. It may not be “Don’t Let Me Explode”, but it’s damn good.

The version I’m referring to is from the groundbreaking Wizards and Muggles Rock For Social Justice: Vol. 1.

The song in question was “First Day In High School” – a good album opener but far from my favorite track on When I Was Your Age.

I will always have a lot of fondness and nostalgia for Tour Song, since it was one of the first big meta-wrock songs.

The date of the concert happened to be Lauren and Matt’s wedding anniversary! Nerds.

Yeah so Brian Ross officially came out of the badger closet, live and on air. It led to much frivolity.

It was Brian, not Bradley. Woops.

I might do a mini article or a tweetstorm on it before Leaky – not a full-on review, but… wait, did I review WPF? I don’t remember doing one… Nope, I didn’t. I might someday, but I have more recent fish to fry.

So. Damn. Good.

I… I’m not sure.

After three good-to-great musical sets, we went into what ended up being my favorite part of the night – and it wasn’t even wizard rock! It was a fucking poetry slam and it was so damn cool.

This came up again later – I didn’t really feel like people were trying to diss me, but like, I definitely have been known to greatly exaggerate the ended mortality of the wizard rock scene.

And then I started to go off on a long tangent about the exact state of wizard rock that was cut off when people started talking about me on the stream. I did many a blush.

Grace being the Grace from Snidget.

There was a discussion happening about the correct way to pluralize patronus.

This is something I’m gonna dig into more in my non-tweetstorm article about this show. Might even incorporate this into the panel.

I kept reading this tweet and not knowing what it meant, and as soon as I started to type a sentence saying as much, I realized it meant “trigger warning”, and that I was thanking someone for using it! My guess is I was thanking Abby for putting a suicide trigger warning before her poem. Um, I guess this also counts as a suicide trigger warning? The next few tweets will be about a poem about suicide.

It was a really great poem. Like wow.

Further context – this was in regard to talk about how Wizards In Space is part of a move to elevate the fans and consumers of our culture to be more than consumers, to create as well. It might surprise you to know I am fan of creation as a response to art.


I don’t remember for sure, but I think the episode in question was either a Wishbone episode or a Magic School Bus episode. I do not remember why this was in any way relevant.

This was another poem. I remember it being quite good, but I don’t remember the specifics. As we get farther and farther into the night, my memory gets more and more hazy as I got more and more tired.

Actually, on second thought, that would be kind of funny. Feel free to hassle strangers trying to pee in Brian’s house for their contact info.

This was some sort of sarcastic response to something being said about LeakyCon. I don’t remember what exactly.

I believe it was around this time that someone did a kind of stream-of-consciousness extemporaneous thing. It was really good, especially for being off the cuff.

Smash Mouth got such a huge Malfoy Manor bump! I think this is really going to change things for them.

This was me trying to write down the names of the people who did great poetry slam talky talkies.

This was in response to that whole “wizard rock is dead” thing.

People were saying nice things about me. There is a reason why I like to keep up an antagonizing persona – I am uncomfortable with praise. I am also uncomfortable with people saying not nice things about me. I’m also uncomfortable with people not saying anything about me. Basically I’m just a big ball of nerdy neuroses. …Yeah.

The last piece was this amazing poem about hotdogs. At this point, a week later, I forget who did it, but it was kind of incredible.

It’s definitely about dicks.

People with talent are the wooooooooorst.

And thanks to you for dealing with my week-old rambling and bs! Next up is another review, and after that I’ll finish up this tweetstorm. Wrock Snob out.


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  1. laurenfairweather
    Oct 04, 2016 @ 04:01:48

    This is great! I’m super glad that you’re going through and writing these posts. It was fun reading all of your tweets during the night, but I was seeing them after things were happening so I wasn’t always sure what they were referring to. I’m looking forward to reading the rest!


  2. Christie
    Oct 04, 2016 @ 10:31:36



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