Malfoy Manor Tweetstorm, Part 2

Here’s part 2 of my tweetstorm from the epic Malfoy Manor show a couple weeks ago! When we last left off, the poetry slam portion was wrapping up, and we were getting ready to hear a muggle chiptune band!

I seem to remember trying to tweet at Bandersnatch Cummerbund directly, but not being able to find his twitter. Otherwise, this tweet is kinda useless.

Though now its seeming like that won’t be a thing because the geek beat dude doesn’t want to work on New Years, which, fair efuckinough.

Guess I’ll just have to go in person, then.

I am a snob of simple tastes.

I’m still a little miffed that no one told them I was intrigued. I SAID TO DO SO DIRECTLY.

They were doing a cover of Hedwig’s Theme and it was something else. If they happen to be reading this, if they did a similar styled cover of “Ollivanders” by Diagon Alley, they would own my soul forever.

Apparently they had a souped up gameboy with a bunch of wires and shit they were playing on. I love seeing modded up chiptune instruments.

I’ve tried to get the wrock community and the nerdcore communities a little closer together before, I still hold out hope for more crossover in the future.

You should too!

I’ve talked at length about my love for them before, but if you’ve never played them, do yourself a favor. Maybe over a long plane trip next week, to choose a random example? At the very least, consider throwing the soundtracks into your Halloween megamix.

Don’t get me wrong – I love pure groovetastic peppy chiptunes, I love ’em to hell. But I also am a huge booster for greater appreciation of chiptune music as a legitimate art form, and I love interesting and complex work that validates my truths.

Well, maybe I should have done that blurb after this tweet, woops.

They were asking for names for their songs. I have a deft and subtle touch.

This was the chiptune dude doing a solo set. The full band’s twitter can be found here!

I love it when instrumental songs quote each other. The Zelda song I am referring to specifically is this one.

Keygens are a forgotten genre, but one I have a lot of love for.

…I’m not sure.

I forget what it was a cover of, but I remember thinking it was hype.

I’d say I get sappy when I’m tired, but I’m secretly always kinda sappy. Except when I’m bitterly pessimistic. Or confused. Or unable to stop thinking about geodesic domes. Or hungry. Okay, maybe I have many emotions.

This isn’t something I’ve ever truly not believed, but it’s very nice to be reminded every now and then, y’know?

This was in response to Brian complaining that people were announcing that DatM in general were Hufflepuff. I’m a good person.

There is something pleasingly stupid about engaging in a conversation where one person is talking and the other is using twitter. This was the third of the many DatM-related mini sets. It was really cool to have this connective tissue sprinkled throughout the evening.

I like kazoo.

It’s true. I do.

This was probably in some way relevant?

It really frickin was.

Like, I’ve been to some strange shows. But the sheer breadth of sounds and experiences was something else.

I believe this was a reference to this BBX song, but I do not remember why I made this reference.



Someone found a list of something and for some reason I found it funny. I can almost remember why – it’s on the tip of my brain, but I just can’t pull it up. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Like, it’s been at least three years since I’ve heard sing in any sort of live context.

I think I am very funny.

Lauren made a very good point that there are a lot of songs about Luna, about how great and cool she is, but relatively few actually from her. Now this isn’t strictly factually true – Luna’s Ceiling, DJ Luna Lovegood, and Luna Wants A Long Bottom all exist, among others. But undeniably the most popularly cited Luna songs are the ones not from her, but about her, usually from a male perspective, or at least male artist. While the work of lesser known artists should be celebrated, it’s also great that an already quite popular and widely known female wrocker is making a song from Luna’s perspective. And it was quite good!

There are more tweets about this song, but I lost my place on my twitter feed, and I frankly don’t want to scroll all the way back down to my place again at just this moment. So, I’m splitting this tweetstorm series again, and will have the final portion of this sometime later this week. Wrock Snob out.







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