Drunk Dive: The Mudbloods

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So I was gonna write an explanation when I was sober nfuibut fuck uit. I have done many a drunk but after this paraghraph I go BAAAACK IN TRIIIIIIIME BEFOREthe drinky. Point is I listened tol the entire musddbloods discography bar the liv album liver l;ive live album and took a shot of firewhisey whiskey every three songs. Why? Because, apologies to Whomping Willows, The Mudbloods mosty sound like wizard rock band that you want to get drunk to. And I was right. And I really needed to familiarize myself with the mudbloods canon and this seemed like fun a fun and entertaining way to do so.! Okay enough of drunk now me now go to past sober me:

Here we go!

Shot 1

It’s weird, but I don’t think I’ve ever actually listened to “Cho Chang” all the way through. But I HAVE heard the Blibbering Humdingers’ parody many times, and it took me a while to figure out why this sounded weird. I even checked to make sure this was the original, and not a new recording for The Complete Potion, before I realized I was expecting the sounds of the Blibs. While I appreciate the hell out of the point being made by the parody, the basics of the original are all really solid. Catchy, fun to sing along with, and a super groovy breakdown. For the first song on their first album, it quickly established The Mudbloods as a new and unique voice to pay attention to.

I got a whole can of toffee peanuts for 2 bucks at the supermarket. They are quite yummy!

Holy shit, “Daytrip to Hogsmeade” starts off fucking bizarrely. “I like candies!” Whoever says that does a very good creepy child voice. I’ve always been fond of wizard rock songs that mimick the bar song soundscape. The Quaffle Kids did a good one about the Common Welsh Green Dragon, and I think Catchlove did one about Dumbledore on his EP of the Month Club disc? I would find out for sure but I’m distracted by the line “I like candy, I like drugs”. I rewound to make sure I heard that correctly. …Was that it? Very little lyrical content in this song, but it succeeds as a soundscape and evoking a real sense of place. Certainly not a song to jam out to, but if you had it on in the background on a roadtrip while having a really good conversation with your roadtrip partner, it wouldn’t offend. The “WHEW!” at the end is fun.

Really digging the piano in “Ginny and Me”. Oh come on you can’t okay nevermind I thought he rhymed “today” with “me” but it was an ABAB rhyme scheme. I mean, he still rhymed “me” with “me”, but okay whatevs. So far the instrumentation is the best part of this song – driving and fun. The drum fill at approximately 2:35 is nice. And then it stops all pretenses and goes to another extended musical break, which is quite nice. The bit afterwards is cymbal overload though. The HOLY SHIT THIS IS THE ONE “TURN MY HEAD SO CLOSE TO SEE A SMALL LIGHT KISS UPON MY CHEEK” THIS IS THE BIT IN THE WROCKSTOCK NAME THAT SONG CONTEST THING I NEVER GOT BUT I HEARD THAT LINE SPED UP AND CHIPMUNKED SO MANY TIMES JEGUS KRISTOS I’M SO ANGRY.

I’m glad I made it a shot every 3 songs, because drink whenever there’s an extended musical break would be a fucking lethal Mudbloods drinking game.

Shot 2

“Ode to Broom or I Want to Tell You I Love You But Don’t Know How” is the first of the Mudbloods oh dammit i got dill mustard on my desk gimme a second I gotta clean this up. Okay yeah anyway it’s the first song to show their penchant for humorously long names. I should do an article where I pit their titles against Whompy’s titles because he’s had some of the best as well. This title is good, but it’s definitely no “Fang, Stop Peeing On My Trunk”. I like how simple the piano is after the interesting keys work in “Ginny and Me”. Rounds are a lot better in person or in church, so the first half isn’t great on mp3, but sounds like it’d be a lot of fun live. But holy shit the sudden “LET’S GO” and switch from very very simple instrumentation to electric guitar is amazing. It captures the feel of the firebolt nearly as well as that hilarious freezeframe at the end of the Prisoner of Azkaban movie. And then going back to the simple round version to bring it home, with the best harmonizing of the song. I officially dig this song. It’s been Officially Dug By The Wrock Snob. Totally would love to hear it live, though.

“Voldemort: A Love Song” has some things to prove, since it’s far from the first to do a Voldy love song – heck, Tom Riddle and Friends made their entire career off of Voldemort love songs! Well, actually, since this album came out in 2006, this might actually have been the first Voldy love song, but since I’m famously super late to the Mudbloods party, it’s new to me. So how does it hold up? Okay. I super appreciate that it’s a jazz standard lounge song – lack of genre diversity is a huge problem I have with wizard rock, and this joins Celestina Warbeck’s work as one of the very few songs to fit this style. The Mudbloods pull it off a lot better too – the whole “Go ahead and bring in that guitar now” is some great emulation of the genre. And the guitar solo is nice and totally totally fits with the slight buzz I have going on. It really made me feel like I was in a smokey club with a couple friends (but not best friends) nodding my head appreciatively and trying to ignore the fact that I have work/a big test tomorrow. Unfortunately, Adam’s voice is much better suited to harmonies and just can’t quite pull this experiment off.

“Concerning The Dementors On The Shore of the Black Lake or If The Dementors Should Take Me in My Sleep Give My Invisibility Cloak to Ron”. No sentence, just “Concerning The Dementors On The Shore of the Black Lake or If The Dementors Should Take Me in My Sleep Give My Invisibility Cloak to Ron”. That is a title. “Concerning The Dementors On The Shore of the Black Lake or If The Dementors Should Take Me in My Sleep Give My Invisibility Cloak to Ron”. I think that “Concerning The Dementors On The Shore of the Black Lake or If The Dementors Should Take Me in My Sleep Give My Invisibility Cloak to Ron” is a good title. An example of a humorously long title is “Concerning The Dementors On The Shore of the Black Lake or If The Dementors Should Take Me in My Sleep Give My Invisibility Cloak to Ron”. “Concerning The Dementors On The Shore of the Black Lake or If The Dementors Should Take Me in My Sleep Give My Invisibility Cloak to Ron”. It’s interesting to see someone besides the obvious use “bah bah bahs”, and in a much slower, less counterpointy way. Speaking of patronuses, fuck that Pottermore listicle about animagi and their relationships with patroni. Like, there’s things I like about new Pottermore, but the listicle bullshit is not one of those things. “Concerning The Dementors On The Shore of the Black Lake or If The Dementors Should Take Me in My Sleep Give My Invisibility Cloak to Ron”. I hate that it ends with the tease about Dumbledore being an animagus it’s super bullshit. By it I meant the Pottermore listicle, not “Concerning The Dementors On The Shore of the Black Lake or If The Dementors Should Take Me in My Sleep Give My Invisibility Cloak to Ron”. “Concerning The Dementors On The Shore of the Black Lake or If The Dementors Should Take Me in My Sleep Give My Invisibility Cloak to Ron”. “Concerning The Dementors On The Shore of the Black Lake or If The Dementors Should Take Me in My Sleep Give My Invisibility Cloak to Ron”. Unfortunately, the most interesting thing about “Concerning The Dementors On The Shore of the Black Lake or If The Dementors Should Take Me in My Sleep Give My Invisibility Cloak to Ron” is its title, though I do like the weird synthesizy stuff in the later half.

Shot 3

“Wizard Weezes’ Radio Hour” is a terrible song because it’s a bald faced lie. It is not an hour long – it’s not even 3 minutes long! I always enjoy old radio emulation – it was used to great effect by a band I no longer talk about in one of their later albums. The first 80 seconds of “Wizard Weezes’ Radio Hour” are kind of annoying, but it gets better after that. Still, it very much feels like mid-album filler, and is definitely less listenable than “Daytrip to Hogsmeade”. Some fun sound effects, and again I love old timey radio emulation, but otherwise, super meh.

Omg, I already love “Harry’s Lament” because it’s something very very rare in wizard rock – a very obviously pre-DH song. The opening skit is so funny in retrospect, and is just an insane instant rush of nostalgia for Pottercast and fan theories on forums and planning your entire summer around a single night. The vast bulk of wizard rock was produced after DH, and there weren’t actually that many songs pre-DH that speculated on what was going to happen. There were some, definitely, but compared to the total number of wizard rock songs, they are very small in number. As for this actual song, it’s fine! Concentrating is getting rapidly harder, and the end had some wonky vocal issues, but otherwise, the sheer nostalgia rush of the beginning put a smile on my face for the whole time.

Piss break!

Next time I might even pee in the toilet! ADVENTURE!

Holy shit how am I already 35 seconds into “Imperius Regrets” I literally just started playing this song wtf okay fine we’re doing this we’re making it hapen (note to future humanity: that misspelling was an intentional SBAHJ reference and not a typo). Wow I do not like the guitar in this song. I feel like I’ve been pretty negative so far, but I have enjoyed myself. Also, nothing so far has been anywhere as hilariously awful as “Magic Is Might”, which really might be the worst album I have ever listened to, and I’ve listened to [[INSERT FUNNY JOKE HERE]]! Oh my god this song is nearly 8 minutes long wait what “crucio my daughter and murder both of my songs and my husband never even saw the wand”?? OH SHIT IMPERIUS REGRETS for some reason when I read “imperius” my mind translated it as “boggart” I have no idea besides alcohol. That’s probably why. Okay this all fits a lot more. Wow this is dark. Not sure who it’s about though – like I thought it was just an invented character, but gardener makes me think of Frank from the beginning of Goblet of Fire, but wasn’t he a muggle? Aaaaaand the song just ended with 2.5 minutes on the track. I hate when songs do this. Just make an actual bonus track. To be fair, in 2006 you were still likely to listen to a cd on a cd player and not know that there was more to come, but still. I probably would have just removed the cd from the discman by now!

Holy shit what the fuck is going on this suddenly became Beastie Boys-esque okay this is so different that I’ll almost allow it still being in the same track. This is actually hilarious and not really that bad, and does a good job of emulating the sound of Beastie Boys if you’re into that kind of thing. I really didn’t expect this, and it’s actually a lot more successful than some other wizard rock songs that go to rap for the lulz. I would honestly love it if they pulled out just this last portion of the song for LeakyCon. I could get wild to this.

And that’s the end of the first album! Out of the Forbidden Forest was not a perfect album, starting out strong but really petering out by the end. But the very end was so unexpected, amusing, and surprisingly good that I can’t help but think fondly of it. Also, it works out nicely that that’s the end of the first album, because it’s time for another shot! First, though, another piss break.

Shot Four

I really should drink and eat more between these. Anyway, on to Animals that Have Left Me EP!

I love concept albums. I love love love them. There aren’t even that many successful ones in wizard rock – sorry Whompy, but Songs for Teachers kind of landed with a wet thud – but I still love the idea of them and always want more. Anyway, “Animals That Have Left Me” consists almost entirely of the words in its title. It’s a dry fart of a song and not really worth anything. It says nothing, means nothing, and has potential for humorousness, but just ends up quite meh. Really, I don’t know why this exists.

“Eulogy for an Acromantula” makes up for things right away with striving electric guitar and lyrics that instantly tug on the heartstrings. It doesn’t make me sad for Aragog – I’m a fan of spiders, but I’ll never get torn up about the giant fictional one – but it is one of the best songs at making me feel for Hagrid. And there are a fair amount of feelsy Hagrid songs, but, damn, this one really makes me sad for the half-giant. Wait, what? “It makes me sad that all spiders go to hell”???? I mean, it rhymed, but, what? That makes ME sad too! I always assumed that creatures like Aragog just didn’t have an afterlife, not they suffered eternal damnation purely for the circumstances of their existence! Holy shit is this a coded metaphor about the religious right’s view of homosexuality? Or was it just a decent rhyme? THE WORLD MAY NEVER KNOW. Anyway, this song is already FUCK OVER 2K WORDS ALREADY??? I should drink and write more. Or maybe not. Anywho, this song definitely won me back after the crusty ejaculate that was the first song, and I know that I’m at least fine with the next song. EXTENDED INSTRUMENTAL BREAK EVERYBODY PRETEND TO DRINK. I liked this! It wasn’t insanely catchy or anything,  and it probably would be only okay live, but it really is very feelsy and does a great job of digging into the emotional center of Hagrid’s character. Decent everything else, but fantastic writing.







AND WITH A LITTLE BIT OF TIME! This song has been in the banks of my memory for a very long time. I might have even known this from one of those old wizard rock podcasts that all inevitably died? I don’t even know quite why I like it, but I do. It’s got a catchy chorus, the melody and instrumentation inform the lyrics, and there is something about the feeling the song imparts about hopping on a magical beast and just soaring away that is so compelling. Very sing-alongable.

Shit I didn’t drink or eat anything. Gonna do that and pee again (wtf?) and then MORE BOOZE.

Shot Five

“Norbert Will Eat You” is a funny title. You know what sucks? That Norbert never came back. Like, I never thought about it, but it’s super too bad and honestly kinda weird that Charlie didn’t bring a buncha dragons and that Hagrid wasn’t fucking flying Norbert around at the Battle of Hogwarts raining death from the skies. Like, can you imagine a half-giant riding a dragon whilst weilding a pink umbrella? EPIC. Okay I am officially past tipsy. Things are gonna get hairy after here. I like this song. IS ADORABLE!!! This is fun to sing to even though I’ve never heard it before. However the world is starting to get a tad spinny so I’m not nodding my head and singing along too much. Oh fuck it whatever let’s wrock out

Ouch my head. “It’s Dragons! It’s Mermaids!! It’s A Maze!!!” is a song. Ahahaha I smilelaughed at the first shout section. I definitely would shout along to this at a live show. Unfortunately, “It’s a maze!!!” sounds like “It’s something!!!” but maybe that’s just because of the drinkydrink. But this song is driving and dancey and fun in a way unlike the other songs on this EP. I really like some of the other ones, but damn I can see myself wrocking out to this one, just not right now because my stomach is suddenly quite delicate. Not the most interesting Extended Instrumental Break (TM) that The Mudbloods have to offer, but it gets the job done.

The opening of “Friends, Brothers, Kids, and Lovers: An Epilogue” sounds really familiar, as did “Norbert Will Eat You” but I forget to mention that. But the reason why this song sounds familiar is because it’s not a song from Animals That Have Left Me EP, but from the War Amidst Pop Songs EP, a disc I have listened to many times before. For some strange reason I’m reminded of the beginning of “Wizard Chess at Christmas” by Love Wrocks off of the criminally unlistened-to Jingle Spells 5. Anyway, final thoughts on the aminals EP (that was an intentional misspelling) – I liked every song that wasn’t the first song to varying degrees. Definitely a successful EP, but also an interesting to counterpoint to the next EP – War Amidst Pop Songs.

Anywho, “Friends, Brothers, Kids, and Lovers: An Epilogue” is… okay. Usually I found it a lot more boring but this time it’s instead vaguely passable. Some interesting stuff going on with the flow – it’s a slow steady build up to loudness, then suddenly cuts back to the original tempo, instrumentation, and quietness at the end. It also flows super well into “Zombies!”, but that’s really all that can be said about it. The subject matter has been covered before in less broad strokes with more meaningful lyrics. This next shot will be interesting since it’s one song I don’t like an two I like quite a lot. Oh, and we’re officially in War Amidst Pop Songs btw. Also my neighbors are playing a song for the second time in two shots worth of time that I know but I have no idea of the name. It’s the one that goes OOOH uh OOOH uhhhh OOOOOH! uhhhh OOOOOOH!!!! uhhhh. Hope that helps. Also, I’m peeing yet again – should I be concerned?

Shot Six

Well I was going to listen to “Zombies!” but then I had a really intense feelings jam with one of my best friends. Over the medium of text message. Anyway, I like the beginning of this song. And it’s far from unlistenable. But it’s just… not that interesting. It goes for humour but isn’t really that funny. It has some very nice production values, but so does the rest of this disc. I’d definitely sing along to it live, but if I know the words I’d sing along to most friends. Also to be fair I am distracted with the high drama OF BEST FRIENDSHIPS, but I’ve also never loved this song. It grows on me a tiny bit more each time I listen to it, but it’s never struck me as great, or even that recommendable.

“A Pensieve Full of Unrequited Love” is “A Pensieve Full of Unrequited Love” and it’s a beloved song in the wrock community for a reason. And the thing is, its track isn’t incredible. I always point out when a recorded song showcases vocal performances with a lot of attitude, emotion ,and character, and this frankly isn’t one of those songs. I never quite believe Adam in the chorus of this track. So it’s a testament to how great this song is that even though the performance itself on this recording is no masterpiece, this song is still easily one of the best wrock songs ever created. Anyway this a good song I like times manies. Manys? Muchlies? Munchlax? Sure, whatever. Anyway, here is a secret message:






I really hope this didn’t fuck up the formatting. Anyway, I was going to say I love this song but instead listen to this. Have you done it? Good. It is the most important thing ever. You know what else is important though? This song. Well maybe not important but good. Sure, it’s not perfect, but all of it works together so well that deficiencies in certain areas are made up for by the sum of its parts. And really, it is so good. And like, it’s a sympathetic Snape song and while I’m definitely not a Snape hater I’ve never been that sympathetic towards him, and it’s definitely one of the best sympathetic Snape songs not written by Split Seven Ways or Lauren Fairweather. And coming from me, that’s fucking saying something.

The good news is I’m over halfway done with this album. The bad news is it took me like 30 minutes to write just two song thingies because WRITING ABOUT FEELINGS ABOUT FRIENDS YO FRIENDS ARE SO IMPORTANT YOU GUYS. Like, romantic love is super great and I’m a HUGE FAN of it, but friendship may be my favorite type of friendship no I’m not on the asexual spectrum what are you talking about okay maybe just a little. ANYWAY the song I’m listening to now is “Since March, Since September, and Still” and it’s not a wizard rock song but it’s probably my favorite Mudbloods song. It’s got a great melody, an extremely relatable (fuck you chrome that’s a word or it’s close enough fuck you) storyline, and just everything works so well together. Not a single element is misplaced, or doesn’t work. It’s very close to being a perfect song. I want to take the time to remind you that the album I am currently reviewing using the worst possible method short of literally shitting on a keyboard and hitting “Publish” is ONLY FIVE FUCKING BUCKS and this song alone makes it worth the purchase. Like, I kinda want to just keep listening to this song but I must continue. More booze. Hooray.

Shot Seven

This shot is like an hour past the previous shot but I’m pretty sure that’s not a good thing. Actually, in retrospect, this was probably a very dumb idea, but I’m I literally have no idea where the sentence was going. Also, you may notice that my typing is still quite legible, but I can assure you I’ve made more typos recently and I’m also really close to not caring about fixing them and also fuck I called another person I care about and that took 30 to 45 minutes but at this point I’m over halfway done so fuck it. It’s almost midnight and I’m pretty sure I started this at 8. Woops. “I Wish You’d Be My Witch” is the current song. It’s good! While “Pensieve” is probably The Mudbloods’ most popular song, “I Wish You’d Be My Witch” is their second most popular. It also has a hell of a guitar line. The in-between chrouses guitar bit with the “HEY!” is nothing short of amazing. I’ve also always been super fond of the 60’s style layered “ahhhhh…” section that probably has a real name I would know if I was actually good at this. There is so much great musical stuff going on in this song. While “Since March” is my favorite Mudbloods song, “Pensieve” is probably their best.

“UV Radiation, Melted Ice Cream, And Other Things I Hate About Summer” is the requisite song for the album with the really long title. This song is always really interesting because it’s simultaneously sad and funny. It’s kind of like Volcanion. Volcanion is a new legendary Pokemon I got just today – its typing is fire/water. It’s got a unique move that’s literally the same as the very powerful Hydro Pump but its 15 points more accurate and also can give the opposing Pokemon a burn. And its special attack is really something else. Good shit. And so is the song. It’s about Harry hating summer because of the Dursleys. It’s sad because Dursleys, but couched in some funny lines. Not as catchy or memorable as some other songs on this EP, but still quite good, and explores canon from a really interesting angle.

Next up we have “Glenrock Falls”, which is a song. I think it has something to do with Easter? Or maybe May 2nd? But more likely Easter? It’s got a real nice folkprogrock feel, and is one of the best showcases of Dubberly’s voice. It has enough range to show versatility, but never overplays his hand. Er, voice. It’s also just a groovy song with lyrics that are mysterious enough to be intriguing, but specific enough to add genuine pathos. Again, it’s not a Mudbloods song built for fucking rockin out, but it’s a great chill out jam. Not a workout song, but a fucking perfect song to listen to when one and a half sheets to the breeze and sitting in a comfy chair in your tiny studio apartment. The melody is not catchy in quite the traditional sense, but it’s very seductive. These are good things. This song takes a while to burn, but it’s really quite nice once it gets cooking.

Shot Eight

It’s piss time again, everybody loves it! I also texted one more dear friend with friendly friend feelings of friendliness (and friendship), but I should be done now. Non stop music time! Ugh, “The War”. I hate this song. And the thing is, there’s some great shit in here. I’m a sucker for whistling in a song, and there’s some nice mournful whistling at the beginning of this. And Adam’s voice is filled with emotion and passion this whole track. It feels like it’s building up to something really special for the first two minutes. And then it goes fucking CRAZY. It’s fucking unlistenable in the best of circumstances, and after 8 shots it literally makes me feel ill. I get that they are trying to audially impart the feeling of war, but it makes the song fucking AWFUL for a solid minute in the middle. I like the gradual fade from discordant nonsense to melodic electric guitar at the three minute mark, but it’s far too little, far too late. One can musically represent chaos, confusion, and strife, without bringing these dark denizens upon the hapless listener. There’s 4 minutes left, and they’re all quite fine. It’s the same four lines over and over for as many minutes, but whatever. There is a true sense of exuberance that almost makes the hideousness of the previous minute worth it. And if it WAS worth it, this song would be damn near perfect, as it would musically emulate the point being made with the lyrics. Unfortunately, the chaotic war section is so bad it overshadows the beginning and the ending, and rips to shreds the notable sentiments of the song and its lyrics. To be fair, it is another one of those songs that could be quite fun live, since the chaotic unlistenable noise could be a bunch of fun if you’re involved in the screaming and noise, but as a recorded track, a single minute out of seven ends up ruining the entire thing. A shame.

“An Epic Christmas Tale, Chapter One: How the Thestrals Saved Christmas” is the first in a bizarre mini-series spread over three years and as many albums. Something I wish wizard rock did more was indulge in musical fanfic, and this series is a fun example of such. However, I’m most familiar with the second of these chapters. The basic gist of this story is Santa and Dumbledore team up to kill Voldemort/The Grinch. The songs are long and all done in a singtalky style over decent acoustic instrumentation. There is some real funny stuff in the lyrics, especially about the mechanics of immortal Christmas beings using thestrals. The chorus is quite acceptable, but it’s far from the best featured in the Jingle Spells albums. Also you can’t fucking rhyme “caught off guard” with “wizarding world” fuck that.

“An Epic Christmas Tale, Chapter Two: Murder at the Top of the World” is the best of the Christmas Tales, and not coincidentally the shortest. The rhyming is a lot more sketchy than the already non-perfect first chapter, but the verses are a lot more interesting. The addition of the harmonica is always welcome, and the fact that the song is three minutes shorter means it doesn’t overstay its welcome. It also is pretty unique in terms of middle installments of stories in that it works perfectly well as a standalone story. The first few lines explain what happened in the rather simplistic first chapter, and the rest of the lines set up a much more interesting and complicated murder mystery. Also the idea that the fleshy, slimy Voldemort turns into the creepy furry Grinch during the winter months is fucking brilliant.

Shot Nine

I feel progressively worse but also am relatively stable with the keyboard and don’t know how to feel about that. Also, last shot I finished up the War Amidst Pop Songs EP but I’ve reviewed that album enough times in gif form you should figure out my general gist – weak bookends, good to great-bordering-on-incredible middle.

I am officially half a bottle down now. I find this both impressive and terrifying.

We conclude our Christmas saga with “An Epic Christmas Tale, Chapter Three: We Lift Each Other Up”. The rhyme scheme is the most competent in the series. Huh, I remember not caring about this song much, but this is so far pretty damn good possibly the new best of the series. I love the idea of Voldemort and the Grinch being the same person but there being some amnesia going on. While it’s super overdone and trite in fanfic, and honestly not a great idea, Voldemort being brought to the light, Steven Universe style, is an overlooked avenue in wizard rock, and it works like gangbusters here. This saga ends with good music, good vocals, and great lyrics, and a truly hopeful spirit. I honestly don’t remember why I thought this song was so forgettable. My guess is that it had the poor fortune of being on the truly forgettable Jingle Spells 3, which was easily the worst of the Jingle Spells, despite having a noble strive towards inclusion of non-Christmas winter holidays. And by that I mean Hanukkah and only Chanukkah. And also the Anthony Goldstein song was always kinda problematic. But that is there, and definitely not here.

Done with the Christmas interludes, time for some muggle(?) songs. These next few songs are off the album/EP “Potosi”. I’ve never heard any of these songs per my memory. The titles all seem to be muggley, but the title of the album is an obvious reference to Wrockstock, still one of the simultaneously best and strangest weekends of my life. I saved someone from burning to disfigurement/death and broke into someones cabin where they gave me a blanket and let me sleep on the couch in the same night. Like, I tried to sleep in the bathroom but it was too loud so I just entered a random cabin and they had a non-flattering Ken Doll of a famous wizard rocker that I now feel completely justified in laughing at and when they noticed the stranger on the couch they gave them a blanket. If you are somehow reading this, I will never forget your kindness and generosity, people of the cabin I broke into int 2010.

ANYWAY, this song is called “Books Say and I Say”. It is unfortunately not called “Concerning The Dementors On The Shore of the Black Lake or If The Dementors Should Take Me in My Sleep Give My Invisibility Cloak to Ron”, but I’ll allow it. Just a few lines in and I’m sold because it is literally what the title says – quotes from authors, responded to by Dubberly. I love the line “Shakespeare says that we only got two options – everyone gets married, or everybody dies”. Also interesting that we get another Biblical reference, the second so far. “Don’t try to make things square, because being good isn’t about being fair” – damn that’s good. I may or may not be close to crying to a song I’ve never listened to before. The rest of this album may be trash, but I absolutely love this first song.  This was beautiful and I like it very much, though I could have done without the shitty microphone buzz that becomes very obvious at the end of this song, and the beginning of the next song.

This next song is called “Happy Ending” and continues the theme of if not Harry Potter, then books and literature with “And if I wrote a play it would be a comedy so I could marry you” – less than thirty seconds in and already another Shakespeare reference! I like this song. I like any song that contains metatextual references to the minutiae of mediums, in this case plays and movies at first, then seguing to books and songs as well. “The camera spinning 360 degrees around our lips” is a great fuckin’ line. This song is also super inspirational for creating and embracing the act of creation, no matter how shit the product may be, which is super cool for a track that starts as a mere love song and becomes a great example of that, as well as much more.

I am thus far very much into “Potosi”, despite never hearing it before. That’s a great damn sign. There’s a few songs to go, and this album has thus far justified its purchase many times over. There was something else I wanted to say that was a really good point but I can’t remember it at all. This makes me do a frown. 😦

I went to the bathroom again and THIS TIME I PEED IN THE TOILET! FUCK YEAH FIRST TIME TONIGHT also someone else’s keys were on the paper towel dispenser along with someone’s toothpaste. I hope they come back to their owners sometime soon. This is a communal bathroom I was using, I am not hording stranger’s keys above my toiletry dispensers.

Shot Ten

Ten shots down, one more shot and six songs to go. At this point there would be no point in giving up so let’s fucking do this. I was expecting to dislike the songs as I got more inebriated, but that’s thus far kind of the opposite of what’s happened. Let’s see if “Potosi” holds up.

“Prodigal Son” starts off on a bad foot, with both a boring, overused name, and an obvious shitty microphone buzz that appears just a few seconds in. Plus the opening guitar work isn’t that interesting. Fuck wait is that buzz really here or just because I’m buzzed? Fuck wait I gotta science this. TO OMEGLE! Okay so apparently Omegle supports Gary Johnson? That’s… interesting.capture



This is more difficult than I thought. However, this next one seems quite promising.



So that happened. This dude may have been high, but I’m willing to trust him. And he thought the Mudbloods were trippy, so… you’re welcome, I guess? I like this track less than the previous two, but also I love the story I now suddenly have to tell about this song. So, it’s fine, I guess.

I hate “Wish I Lived In Lorelei” because it tricked me, and is apparently not about being a tiny person living inside of one of the Elite Four Pokemon Trainers of the Kanto region. Otherwise, it’s fine. It’s catchy at times, and I love songs that are about the writers’ inability to write, because I empathize incredibly. Actually, this is pretty good. Not incredible, but easily one of the good Mubloods songs. Sweet, sad, strangely funny, catchy and wistful. Good shit. Sorry my thoughts are a bit all over the place – yay alkeehawl!

“The Fall” is a game I’ve owned on Steam but never played. I have way too many of such games on Steam, many, many more than I really want to admit just now. My headphones keep slipping from my ears and peanuts keep running through my hands. Who the fuycjk thought peanuts was a good name it lityerally means uriune ballsack what the fuck jimmy carter i blame you directly. also i have officially given up giving a shit about spelling and grammar and shit. Sorry;l. It just sudden;ly happened;. I’m  so close and i don’t care. dDeal with it? I don’t want to just tell you to deal with it consent is important and if you’ve read this far I love you dearly. Paul Simon and Tom Waits are both good though I like Simon and Garfunkel more than Waits. Damn I wanna listen to some simon and garfunkel now. The Zoo is so good. And obviously The Boxer. and Cecilia. And the obvious sounds fo silcnece. And I am a rock i am an island. omfg an I’VE BEN SLANDERED LIBELED IU HEARD WORDS I NEVER HEARD IN THE BIBLE BUT ITS ONE STEP AWAYA FROM THE SHOESHINE TWO STEPS AWAY FROM THE COUNTY LINE AND IM JUST TRYING TOI KEEP THE SCUSTOMER SATISFIED, SATISFIIIIEEEEEED YEEEAAAAH!If I ever have too much money I really wanna do a Catcher in the Rye movie in the format of Acrooss The ?Universe but with Simon and Garfunkel songs. “Customer Satisfied” would be Caulfield explaining his adventures to his little sister and jumping around her room, Boxer would be the opening song on his train journey into NYC, “Feeling Groovy” would be the final song and the wail of the siren of the crazy ambulance would meld with the la la las. I’ve been thinking about this shit for over a decade. Oh fuck aND “tHE FA;L;” IS a SONG BU by The Mudbloods it obviously wasnt interesting enough to stop me from writing bullshit.

Shot Eleven Fuck You

That was unnecessarily combati9ve but I have a feeling I will feel justified in this in the morning. Ugh the onboard mic laptop buzz ufggghhhh. Oh fuck don’t close my eyes things get worse when I do that. wait i havent taken a shot wait hold up. Okay, I am almost certain that this was the one shot too many. why are your cigarettes on the floor aDAM that is super not safe especially nexty to flammanle flammable magazines. I am very aware ?I am much more inebriated than I was whemn I was listening to “Books Say and I say” bvut this is nowhere near as interesiting. The overlapping vocals 2.5 minutes in are interesting but thats about the best I can say. Interesting. I feel sorry ofr thifor these last songs because I just want this to end already. Buyt the liner notes on the bandcamp dot commmmmmmmmmm saY THAT this next song is adams favorite recording he’s ever doined one done. May be his favorite. Have to be clear and accurate. I am the best at accuracy ask anyobody I have the best accuracies wer’e gonnea have an accuracy and it’s gonna be beautiful and mexico Will pay for it.


I love radio emulation as said before, this one is more current emulation a la a certain very good song by a very bad person on the wrock out against Voldemedia EP no link just google it ya nenslur. I wouldn’t be a fan of of radio static over pretty music and lyrics if it wasnt part of the lyrics. Very cool. Head on desk now sleepuy so sp-lsleppy.ugh that was a bad idea so tired but close eyyes head down is bad spin spin tisdistastefully bad juju time that was a reference to tak and the secret o0f the juju which ive njever played becuase i never had a ps2 until a couple months ago i am current and trendy be like me teens. !!!! exclamation points are fun for teens!! Thneres interesting things going on with radio and music and lyricsa and i can see why this is adams favorite of his own buyt its far from the most listebablelistenable. At the very least, quite interesting and worth a listen.


“Best Thing 2:16 The Mudbloods The Complete Potion ” STARTS WIUTHH what feels like a callback to my stikllk favoirite mudsbloods song” m,arch september and other fucjking months” about weaking up together. waking. Waking. There we go. Part of me wishes it wasnt just all youre my girl and im your man but hey i get it adams a straight boy thats fine i just wi9sh everything was gayer. WThats why I lobver theThats why I love the new Muk:

It’s the most beautifully gay thing since the last time I checked Tianna’s twitter account.

Anyway the song was i mean is over now and um its fine iguess. I like the beginning of “Potosi” and then I got quite inebreiate wait quite inebriated. Yes. And then there were two more songs. Should you buy this album? I almost said I was gonna take another shot then tell you but fuck that. Yes pof course you fucking should its 5 bucks for 33 songs, only a couple of which aren’t interesting. The rest range from interesting but not good to kind of standard  bbut quite goodt to fucking inreduble. I can;’t guarantee anything because i’m a drunk qyueer nerd but if you’re reading this it’s INCREDIBLY LIKELY that you will like at least 5 songs on this album, and mostly likely many more, making this album a no-brainer purchase. Put it in your ears and possibly your mouth though if you choke to death on a .zip file it is officially not my fault.

Love you! Wrock Skjmnjb FUCK


You are great. I truly appreciate you reading this,. Wrock Snob out.


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