So, you may have noticed that after the Dark Times of the site redesign (oh, dancing horse guy, we barely knew ye), I started adding polls to the fancy new sidebar, and cycled them out with some level of regularity.  Now, roughly, what, a month?  Yeah, ’bout a month afterward, I now proudly present the formal results of OH SHIT IT’S SNOWING PEACE BITCHES


The Great Follicle Debacle!

For every news publication of any type out there, there is always one singular moment in its history that defines it, a cultural touchstone that becomes part of the collective consciousness.  An article, or a headline, or a picture, that defines, for bad or good, what that news publication is all about.  I think that you are currently witnessing such a moment for the Wrock Snob.  I feel that we’ve done some very cool, and maybe even important things over these last few months, but nothing has been anywhere near as ground-shakingly important for the wizard rock community as what is happening right now.

As you can see, if you look to your left, you will find a simple, ordinary-looking poll.  However, this humble sidebar widget holds staggering implications for the future of wrockdom.  It is nothing less than the most important thing happening in wizard rock this weekend, and maybe even in wizard rock’s entire history.  Many have speculated, some have guessed, but now, it is finally time for the truth to be revealed.  YOU, the people, will finally get their say.  Freedom will reign!  Justice will rule!  And the best hair in wizard rock will finally get the attention it deserves!

Below, you will find a selection of campaign materials if you are undecided.  So far, only Kwikspell has provided any campaign materials, but if you want to make some for yourself, or are a fan who wishes to support their candidate, please pass it on, either through twitter, or in a comment below, or through smoke signals or something.  Not sure how you would send an image through smoke signals.  Maybe by using binary?  Anyway, I will leave you with these words: Vote early, vote often.

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