Whatever The Hell This Is, Part 1

So, if for some reason you get your wizard rock news from this site instead of, say, any other site, ever, you may not have noticed that the Wizrocklopedia is back.  Well, I have some surprising and shocking news for you: the Wizrocklopedia is back!  Hooray!  And it now has a massively updated wizard rock band list, as well as an updated list of bands by location.  It was the news that over 100 bands were being added to the list that made me realize that for all I like to pretend to be connected with many areas of wizard rock, and champion and listen and know about the little bands, there are probably at least 300 wizard rock bands I’ve never heard of.  So, I decided to go through the entire ‘Pedia list, and, live on Twitter, throw out quick rec’s for any bands I find that did something interesting, or had something noteworthy about them, and I had never heard of before (or I believe most people would have never heard of before).

I foolishly thought I’d be able to get this done in about 5 hours.  About three hours in, I hadn’t even gotten halfway through the A’s.  So, expect this to be a new weekly segment for some time, where I collect and expand upon my last session of tweets.  Most live listening/tweeting sessions will probably be held on the weekend.  Also, I will still be keeping to my three updates (at the most) a week schedule, so this will be replacing whatever I don’t feel like doing that week.

Without further ado, let’s get on with it, shall we?



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