KILMEREVIEW: A War Amidst Pop Songs

Nearly 5 years ago, I posted a review of one of the most beloved EP’s in all of wizard rock – The Mudbloods’ A War Amidst Pop Songs. However, because I chose to review the disc in the medium of gifs, there was some confusion about how I felt. At the time, I felt my opinions were made abundantly clear, but after looking at the review with fresh eyes, I can now see that the complaints had merit. While some of the gifs still accurately portray my feelings, some of them are a little hard to interpret. More importantly, many of the gifs are over used or outdated. So, in the interest of remaining relevant and transparent, I am redoing my review of A War Amidst Pop Songs. While my opinions are still largely the same, I hope to express them more clearly, and in a timely and relevant manner. To that end, I am of course re-reviewing this seminal album entirely in gifs of Val Kilmer. Please enjoy.


7 Panels I Should Have Submitted For LeakyCon 2016

I waited for months for the opportunity to submit panel proposals for presentation at this year’s LeakyCon. And then when it finally came… I blanked. I knew I wanted to do a Wizard Rock-focused panel, and if no one had organized it yet, I wanted there to be a genderqueer meetup panel. Besides a hastily thought of My Immortal panel (and I am so pumped that Tianna is doing a panel on both My Immortal and Beowulf), I just couldn’t summon up any more ideas. I guessed I just didn’t have that much to say, or that I actually didn’t have that many opinions. It is at this point that you should be laughing.

Within days, maybe even hours of the deadline passing, a great panel idea came to me. Then another. And another. Some of these, I suddenly remembered, were panels I’d wanted to do ever since my very first LeakyCon and being sad these subjects weren’t represented. So here’s a list in no particular order of 7 panels I have belatedly realized I should have submitted. I’m doing this partially in the hopes that it will make for enjoyable Content, and partially to get me closer to meeting this week’s article goal, but mostly so I’ll have this handy reference if the opportunity ever affords itself again.


REVIEW: Fangz 2 Raven

In this article, I will review the digital musical disc online entity known as Fangz 2 Raven: An EP About My Immortal, by I Speak Tree/Tianna and the Cliffhangers. But before I can tell you about that, I have to tell you about this:

I T  K E E P S  H A P P E N I N G


Malfoy Manor Tweetstorm, Part 1

So, a little over a week ago Draco and the Malfoys hosted a live wizard rock extravaganza at Malfoy Manor (Brian’s house). It was filled with great wizard rock acts, and some muggle sets as well. I was not able to go, seeing as there was that issue of a continent being in the way, but thanks to GeekBeat Radio, I was still able to attend in spirit by accessing the live broadcast they set up. While being at the show in person would have been great, this really was the next best thing. I felt like I was there, and for better or worse, plenty of the people actually there felt like I was there too! I’m going to do an official thinkpiecey writeup about the event later, but first, I’m going to collate all my tweets made that night into a series of annotated articles.  Enjoy!


REVIEW: Cheat To Win

So I don’t know if I have officially announced this yet, but I’m working on a mini-project I’m referring to as “The Hit List”. The goal is to write at least one article about each band/artist playing at LeakyCon 2016, before LeakyCon actually happens. Will I make it? Let’s be real, probably not. I mean, it’s only week two of doing three articles a week, and it’s Sunday, and this is my second article this week. A-woops. Anyways, here’s a long-overdue review of Draco and the Malfoys’ Cheat To Win. Oh, and Trigger Warning that there will be some brief discussion of consent and the breaking thereof.


The Wrock Snob at LeakyCon 2016!

For those who didn’t see, the LeakyCon programming schedule is now up! I’ve got to say, I’m impressed – it’s not too usual that the con schedule is up and ready in the month before the actual con. Not that LeakyCon has ever been mismanaged – or more accurately, it’s never been sloppily managed – still, it’s a good sign, and hey, it’s always fun to check things out ahead of time and plan your weekend. When I was a kid and I knew we were going to Disneyland or Legoland or whatever that summer, I would spend hours upon hours poring over all the park maps and ride and attraction descriptions, meticulously planning every detail. And then we’d get there and it all went out the window as soon as I saw someone from The Lion King. I saw Rafiki once! As a white person who grew up with The Lion King, and someone who still holds that up as the greatest of the Disney Renaissance films, Rafiki is one of those characters I’ve long since ended up wondering whether or not he’s racist. Also, is it, like, racist for me to quote him/do impressions? Because like many quotes from that movie (“I’m surrounded by idiots”, “Everything the light touches…”, “Luau!“), “No… Look harder…” has found its way into my daily vocabulary.

You see, tangents like this are why I should never be allowed anywhere near a microphone. So, here are the times I will be allowed in front of a microphone: More

The Economics of the Wizarding World DO Make Sense!

Your wands may have cost you 7 galleons each, Messrs. DeGeorge, but tell me this… how much do LIES cost???


Snobby Sundays Slamalanche! (Part 2)

Gonna start this article off with a bit of housekeeping – I’d like to announce that over the next month, I’m going to be posting three articles a week! My hope is MWF, but let’s be real, I’m not the best at keeping to a strict schedule. Hell, if I manage to do this, it will be literally the first time I’ve stuck to an announced schedule in my 7+ year “career”. So that will be fun. And I was supposed to start this on Monday, since that was exactly a month before LeakyCon, but I forgot and started it yesterday. So that’s a good sign. Anywho, final half of my old Snobby Sundays with added semi-relevant commentary, goooooooo!


Snobby Sundays Slamalanche! (Part 1)

I don’t know what a Slamalanche is, but it sounds dope, and possibly involving John Cena. So, back in 2013, Russ from the Wizrocklopedia asked me to do some articles. Having followed the ‘pedia religiously for well over 5 years at that point, I readily agreed, and wrote a series of articles highlighting smaller known bands that you might have missed, called “Snobby Sundays”. Since I have a terrible habit of writing my articles almost entirely in the famously buggy WordPress post editor, when the ‘pedia went down, I entirely lost my access to these old articles. Fortunately, the Wizrocklopedia recently made a triumphant return – but under a new address (change your bookmarks!). Because of this, all my old posts on this site linking to the Snobby Sundays no longer work. Also, a strange amount of people (more than zero) have said they’ve been binging on my old articles recently, so I thought it would be fun to make a little article collecting all the new links to the old Snobby Sundays. Then I realized I’m lazy, so I’m just going to do the first five in this article, and do the second half later this week. Enjoy!


Panels Wot I Will Do At The Convention That Needs Proper Caulking

Heya! So, today was the deadline for submitting descriptions for LeakyCon panels that had been approved, and in true Wrock Snob fashion, I submitted them both with less than 12 hours remaining! Man, I am good at things. So, I thought it would be fun to post the descriptions I submitted, mostly because the one for the wizard rock panel is intensely self-indulgent and it makes me laugh. Also, I should say that these were what I submitted, and have not yet been approved, so don’t be shocked if either of these are different (i.e. more competent and, like, actually informative) when in the actual printed program.


Neither Witch Nor Wizard: A Trans and Non-Binary Meetup

Whether you fit in the binary or not, this is a casual meetup for all magical folk who who identify differently than their assigned gender. We’ll hang out, talk about our con plans, compare rad outfits, discuss the venue’s bathroom options, and begin preparation for Stage 3 in our world domination plans. All you need to bring are your pronouns and a smile! …And clothes. And your LeakyCon pass. Maybe a snack?


The Worst Thing To Happen To The Harry Potter Fandom: A Wizard Rock Panel

Did the above title make you angry? Attend this panel. Did it intrigue you? Attend this panel. Did it make you feel validated? Attend this panel. Did it make you feel hungry? Go get a snack – then attend this panel. Maybe a nice salad with a protein of some sort – perhaps chicken, or nicely seasoned tofu?

The Wrock Snob moderates a no-holds-barred discussion of wizard rock’s triumphs and failures, featuring Bradley Mehlenbacher and Lauren Fairweather.



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