REVIEW: The Long Awaited Review of A Certain Wizard Rock Christmas Compilation Album

This review has been a long time coming.  A VERY long time coming.  I’ve had my copy for about a month now, maybe longer, and while I’d already listened to it, and had tons of thoughts all lined up in my head, something happened.  WROCKSTOCK HAPPENED. And I’ve been barely keeping on top of that, so any planned album reviews were thrown by the wayside.  But now that it’s apparently officially the Christmas season (even though for me that doesn’t begin until December 1st…), it seems that I cannot push the inevitable back any more.  Don’t worry, we still have the last dregs of Wrockstock to talk about, and those will be resuming after this.  Think of this article as a holiday special interrupting your usual Jeopardy schedule.  And now, without any further ado, my review of a certain holiday-themed wizard rock compilation album.



The Top 10 Cruelly Defunct Wrock Bands

So, I struggled for awhile to come up with the title for today’s article – a punchy, quick way to summarize what this list is about in around three words.  I failed.  Basically, this list is comprised of the top ten wizard rock bands that need to produce more music, with an emphasis on not having made much music, and having not made any indication that they are still making music for a very long time.  In fact, some of these bands are “officially” defunct, so this is to mourn the passing of some promising young wrock bands that called it off far too quickly.  After the jump, you’ll find that our list starts with the side project of the most famous wizard rock band of all time…


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