The Top 12 Wizard Rock EPs

[Thank you for visiting The Wrock Snob and reading this article! I’d love for you to jump right into the reviewy goodness, but first there is some unfortunate business to take care of. It is not in my nature to tell you specifically what or what not to buy and who to support – I tell you what I thought about an album, and if my tastes seem to align with yours, you might want to heed my suggestions. However, I must take this time to personally exhort that you do not monetarily support the bands The Remus Lupins or Ministry of Magic. The full reasons are unsettling and possibly triggering, so please proceed with caution, but if you want the full details click here. Simply put, it has been revealed that certain member/s of both bands did destructive, upsetting, and highly problematic things. While I can see the value of reviewing art no matter what the artist did on a grand society-level scale, I cannot morally allow myself to condone the financial support of these monsters, nonetheless exhorting people to do so. Now it is entirely possible this copypasta’d retroactive warning was placed on a negative review, making this sidebar somewhat moot, but I still feel it necessary to make these matters clear. Again, for full details and rumination click here, otherwise, please enjoy the article.]

Remember List Week?  And how failtacular it was?  Yeah, I’m bringing it back, but putting it on a MWF schedule, and then back to your regularly scheduled Wrock Snob next week.  [NOTE: The preceding sentence was written on Sunday, when I thought I would finish the article the same day.  We’re just gonna play this week by ear.  Will be at least three updates this week, but maybe more of a WFS thing.  We’ll see.]{NEW NOTE: Just think of this as a Friday-only update week, possibly something on the weekend, I promise, full deck next week.}  So, to kick things back into high gear, I am going to do a retrospective of one of the coolest things to ever come out of wrock, The Wizard Rock EP Of The Month Club.  Catchily-named, it was not, but it was positively dripping in awesome, and ran for three excellent years.  A total of 36 EPs (not counting special bonuses like the Mermaids Above Water EP) from various artists were distributed to hundreds of people around the world, gained exposure for many bands, and actually for a fair amount of bands acted as their first release, and in a handful of cases, only release.

So, to celebrate this great idea, I am going to compile a list of what the “perfect year” would be – think of it like fantasy football, but for music clubs.  And now, without further ado, the Top Twelve Wizard Rock EP of the Month EPs!



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