REVIEW: Free Awkward Hugs

When Draco said he wanted to get closer to dark magic, this isn't what he meantSo, The Blibbering Humdingers have been selected among other fine acts to play at LeakyCon London this year, but it turns out that getting to London from North Carolina is about as easy and cheap as Captain Katherine Janeway of the Federation Starship Voyager (i.e. not at all). So, you should really consider going and contributing to their “kickdinger”, or buying one of their albums, such as 2012’s Free Awkward Hugs.

Now, while supporting a good cause while getting something in return is all well and good, is the album actually worth it? Let’s dig in to find out.



Last Minute Wizzies Post!

Wherein I quickly post my predictions for who will win the Wizzies, AND who I personally voted for.  Since they start in one hour, this will probably have fairly little reasoning and explanation and analysis.  Of course, every single time I’ve said “this will be a shorter article with less rambling”… we all know how THAT turns out.


Wrockstock Wrecollections – Part 5

Happy giving of the thanks, Americans!  Screw you Canadians, I didn’t acknowledge YOUR Thanksgiving! NA NEE NA NEE POO POO!  Displays of my startlingly mature psyche aside, it’s time we got moving on this again, aight?  I really wanna get all the Wrockstock articles done before the one month anniversary of said event.  So, without further ado, the Sunday afternoon sets, or as I call it, Bryce, Blibs, and Boyd!


The Top 7 Songs About Cedric

[Thank you for visiting The Wrock Snob and reading this article! I’d love for you to jump right into the reviewy goodness, but first there is some unfortunate business to take care of. It is not in my nature to tell you specifically what or what not to buy and who to support – I tell you what I thought about an album, and if my tastes seem to align with yours, you might want to heed my suggestions. However, I must take this time to personally exhort that you do not monetarily support the bands The Remus Lupins or Ministry of Magic. The full reasons are unsettling and possibly triggering, so please proceed with caution, but if you want the full details click here. Simply put, it has been revealed that certain member/s of both bands did destructive, upsetting, and highly problematic things. While I can see the value of reviewing art no matter what the artist did on a grand society-level scale, I cannot morally allow myself to condone the financial support of these monsters, nonetheless exhorting people to do so. Now it is entirely possible this copypasta’d retroactive warning was placed on a negative review, making this sidebar somewhat moot, but I still feel it necessary to make these matters clear. Again, for full details and rumination click here, otherwise, please enjoy the article.]

Word up.   Again, no partially witty but needlessly long intro this time, we’re gonna jump right in!


REVIEW: Wizard Rock Made Me Crap My Pants!

I’m like a phoenix and shit. Not because I proverbially died, and now am rising from the ashes with a new burst of semi-on time consistent updates, but because I’m going to use a hunk of rock flying through space to take over the world, leaving my insane-ass daughter to rule my nation for me. All should go well as long as Kung-Fu Action Jesus doesn’t show up.  Anywho, I don’t really have any sort of clever transition or anything, so, jump right in and we’ll start reviewing this shit!


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