The Kübler-Snob Model of Dealing With Grief, Part 1

So, this week I was graciously invited to take over posting duties on the great twitter account, Women of Wizard Rock! I didn’t have a real plan, was probably gonna do HMS Wolfstar because of course, maybe do some Sectumsempra, some other lesser known stuff. There certainly wasn’t a theme or point to be made. And then 11/9 came along. I, like all of you, have been slowly processing, reacting, and coming to terms. In fact, I completely forgot about my twitter shift until the day before, so distracted was I.

I quickly realized I wanted to do something about the election, something about… resistance? Or hope? Or… something?? As with most of my election reactions, I couldn’t decide on the precise tone I wanted to go with. Was I angry and ready to smash the state? Was I grieving? Was I hear to heal? To be healed? To be honest, I… I still don’t know. I’m just… kinda flailing around, doing whatever I can, because flailing is still better than lying dead. This is when the idea hit me to do my own version of the 5 Stages of Dealing With Grief, not really for any big reason but because it seemed kinda funny and kinda funny things seem in short supplies these days.

Anyways, each day, after the tweet for the day goes up, I will post a brief article talking more in-depth about the song and why I chose it for this particular slot. To that end, yesterdays tweet:

I was having trouble figuring out what to do for stage one of the original model – Denial. Some songs came to mind, like “I Watch You Slip Away” by Split Seven Ways, but none of them really fit that well. And as I continued to think about it, denial really didn’t seem like the proper description of my election reaction. Maybe there was some for the first couple hours of Tuesday evening, but we had been told to expect an early Trump lead with a definitive Hillary resurgence to cap off the night. It wasn’t really denial, just a betrayed set of expectations, a feeling that morphed into a sense of numb bewilderment. Of hurt, anger, disbelief, and confusion. And instantly, “Full Moon” by The Curse Breakers came to mind.

I’ve talked a bit about Jessie’s work before here, but not as much as I probably should have. She was one of those people very active in the wizard rock MySpace community back in the day, and her profile pic was ubiquitous in many comment sections. She also ran a competently produced if short lived wrock podcast that I quite enjoyed. However, I would place her biggest claim to fame as her ability to take Garageband jingles and turn them into something completely fresh. And I’m not talking about Garageband loops, but the jingles, those 30-second bits of premade music, more designed to be used for stingers in iMovie and menu music in iDVD than as a base for a song. But by chopping and screwing these corporate-designed tracks, The Curse Breakers made a full album of music that sounded at once intimately familiar and startlingly fresh. As someone who spent their early college years basically living inside if iLife 09’s GarageBand, I’ve always had a huge fondness and appreciation for Jessie’s editing feats. A good musician and a great community member, and an excellent way to start off the week.

AND THEN I found the above video, which is just… wow.




My 25 Most Listened To Wizard Rock Songs

[Thank you for visiting The Wrock Snob and reading this article! I’d love for you to jump right into the reviewy goodness, but first there is some unfortunate business to take care of. It is not in my nature to tell you specifically what or what not to buy and who to support – I tell you what I thought about an album, and if my tastes seem to align with yours, you might want to heed my suggestions. However, I must take this time to personally exhort that you do not monetarily support the bands The Remus Lupins or Ministry of Magic. The full reasons are unsettling and possibly triggering, so please proceed with caution, but if you want the full details click here. Simply put, it has been revealed that certain member/s of both bands did destructive, upsetting, and highly problematic things. While I can see the value of reviewing art no matter what the artist did on a grand society-level scale, I cannot morally allow myself to condone the financial support of these monsters, nonetheless exhorting people to do so. Now it is entirely possible this copypasta’d retroactive warning was placed on a negative review, making this sidebar somewhat moot, but I still feel it necessary to make these matters clear. Again, for full details and rumination click here, otherwise, please enjoy the article.]

So, here’s how I introduced this site to my muggle meatspace friends:

Me: “So, I became a celebrity.”

Muggle Meatspace Friends: “What?”

Me: “Well, an internet celebrity.”

MMF: “Really?”

Me: “A minor internet celebrity.”

MMF: “Still, how’d you manage that?”

Me: “A minor internet celebrity in the wizard rock community.”

MMF: “Aaaaaahhh.  That explains it.”

Me: “A minor internet celebrity in the wizard rock community that is likely to become a flash in the pan.  I mean, I’ll be so much of a flash in the pan, Apple will not allow me on their handheld devices, because they feel HTML 5 is a much more open format for being inside a pan.”

All this goes to show is that while I like to pretend to be self-deprecating, I’m actually extremely self-centered, which is why, for the second week in a row, one of the posts will be entirely about myself and how awesome I am, inasmuch that a review blog somehow isn’t entirely about oneself.  Anywho, today, I am going to look through my 25 most listened to wizard rock songs (according to iTunes), and discuss each one.  I really didn’t have any concrete idea what they would be until today, when I started writing this article.  This is partly because I want to let people know what sort of wizard rock I actually do like, and partly because while I have other ideas for Friday articles, they take more forethought and planning, and I hope to spend most of today overhauling the site, and watching Battlestar Galactica. [Note: I actually ended up spending the day sleeping and being kidnapped by pirates.]


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